Monday, 27 February 2012

Our Day Out In The Boat

Hsi Excellency, the New Zealand High Commissioner (Mike) asked us out for a family day on their boat. It was a lovely day to go boating, clear skies and a gentle breeze. We were accompanied by his 1st & 2nd secretaries and a gentleman from the Solomans. A lovely group of people who were very happy to have the kids on board too. The driver was an i-kiribati man who was also lovely with the kids. Our destination was large Bikiman island, only visible at low tide. A sandbar really in the lagoon with crystl clear water all around and small bits of coral that host enough fish and sea life to excite me, the amateur snorkellist!!

We took a nice picnic lunch and all pooled our treats to make one lovely big picnic.

We left from Biriki wharf at 10am. This photo shows the 'ferries' that run across the lagoon to North Tarawa. They are hopelessly overloaded ad extremely busy at $5 for one way.

all the ferries were in as it was high tide. They would depart again around 3pm with the incoming tide!! The travel about 5 knots/hour and take forver to get anywhere, they do load them to overflowing and you can usually just see the gunwales in the water!!

Sam ready for his day out.

Kura, Jack & I at the back of the boat!!

Arrived at our destination, the beautifully pristine Large Bikiman

Sam having a ball running around the sandy atoll, digging, swimming and both boys loved chasing the 'speedy crabs'!!!

not a great underwater photo, but a few bright fish!! The seahorses were beautiful and the puffer fish was huge!! I really enjoyed snorkling about.

We arrived home late, sunburnt and exhausted, but what a lovely day. Hope we impressed enough to get another invite some day........


  1. Looks lovely but the boys need PFD1 with the collars they are PFD2 for skiing they have no collar to help them float upright they would have to keep themselves afloat which I am sure Jack could but a bit much for Sam
    Glad you had a good day Love you lots ♥♥♥

  2. yes did realise that. Not available here. There is a marine so will see if he can get them in for me!! As you can see from the ferries they are not a popular item here!!