Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Last blog before holidays........

It's been hectic here, getting ready for holidays in Australia. So much to do before we leave, so many direction to leave Meei, James & Johnny. The garden being the number one priority. Of course it is full of tomatoes, capsicum and bok choy.
The new veggie beds have been built and the frames so the veggies can grow up has been made, my old SES training came in handy with lashing the sticks together. Photos to follow. Just waiting on composted soil from the famers. Once full Meei has the planting plan sorted, so on our return we should see some rockmelon, watermelon, corn, carrots, cucumber & tomatos.
Sam loves to get a masage from Meei, especially before he has an afternoon nap, usually he falls asleep on the floor!!!

This week I made loads of Sweet & Savory shortcrust pastry and so turned it into quiches to freeze and friut pies. Meei, her boys and my boys had a fabulous afternoon tea eating friut pies with ice-cream - yummo!!

Our Rooster was 'reclaimed' by it's former owner, probably because he has doubled insize living with us & getting a regular meal!! So they wanted him back for Cock-Fighting. which is rife in Tarawa. So the girls lost their boys so we went to Tanai to get a new one and this is 'Red Rooster', he is huge, 36 weeks, never been outside of a concrete run and very tame. The girls and the boys love him.

 Our colourful salad today, home grown tomatos, capsicum & cucumber. The only interloper was the spanish onion - yummo with a bit of Balsamic drizzled over the top!!

Meei, James & Johnny are goint to have a lovely month with LOADS of fresh veggies and eggs to take home

Well that is it for this year, I probably won't get a chance to blog on holidays, so enjoy the festive season and stay safe.

With all our love and best wishes for 2013

Jodie, JJ, Jack & Sam xoxoxoxox