Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dengue Fever

Yes, one of us was bound to get it sooner than later.....JJ has been unwell all week with many of the symptoms but has come out in an all over rash today so it all falls into place!! The acute phase usually lasts a few weks so hopefully by next Thursday when we fly out he will be feeling better. There is no definative treatment for Dengue, just bedrest, increased fluid intake and panadol to control high temperatures and aches and pains.

Dengue is not transmitted person to person, so we are all fine to be around him. We are having a very quiet weekend at home, the boys swam and pottered.

The chooks laid 10 eggs today, a full complement which is pretty exciting.

Steak sandwiches for dinner at JJ's request, mmmm, fresh homemade rolls, steak and stuffed full of salad veggies and a fresh egg, bliss!! (& a rare treat!!)

Mum & Dad (Williams) please don't worry about JJ, Dengue is very common and I am making sure he rests, takes plenty to drink and takes drugs as necessary. Looking back I think I had Dengue when I was so ill, it was bound to happen, better us than the boys.

Love Jodes :0)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday already...??

goodness where has this week gone? JJ was feeling sick on Monday and I suspected hangover from copius amounts consumed on Sunday...hehe, not to be he has persisted with some tropical lurgy, managing with panadol and brufen, loads of sleep and not much else. So my week has been a blur of single parent status as he fights whatever Tarawa has thrown at him!!

The chooks are laying and it is so exciting to collect the eggs, I have bought the boys special little egg collecting baskets after a series of mishaps hetting the eggs upstairs in one piece. The eggs are good and healthy with bright yellow yolks and strong shells, finally my compound is yielding something!!!!

After spending a day out with Kura whose kiribati is impressive I have gotten back into learning the language, I will never get my tounge around some words and Meei giggles away while I practice my words/ sentences in a broad aussie accent!! I am learning the words first that I use on a daily basis like chooks, eggs, how much is that, etc, all good fun an d hopefully i-kiribatis apart from Meei will understand me!!

So tired after my busy days, we start in the school room as soon as Meei arrives to take charge of Sam and progress from there, Jacks favourite thing is drawing a picture, writing a short message on the back and putting a stamp on the envelope, he would DEARLY love a letter or too back, as mail really is a high light for us!!

We are actually eating some bok choi from our garden, yeahh Tess, I finally grew something from seed!!! Jack hoovered it, very surprised but he picked it so I think that helps. Two boats arrived today and after no fresh food on the island except chinese cabbage, eggplant and tiny green tomatoes it was like christmas to buy some capsicum, aneamic tomatoes, a cucumber, an iceburg lettuce, apples and oranges. Being government pay week the local supermarket cooks 10 chooks so bbq chook for lunch in a fresh baked roll (made by me!) and stuffed full of fresh salad veggies - yummo!!!! I even managed to tempt JJ who has not eaten all week!

This time next week we will be chilling in Fiji, all of us are REALLY looking forward to the break. I have already decided on spa treatments after the obligatory waxing!! (Hehe can't wait from proper de-hairing!!) Massages galore as JJ won't let me fly my chiro over here as my back is SOOOO out - how rude!!! I am getting by on deep heat and swimming!!

Jac is getting a hair cut on Sunday, one of the Assie volunteers is a hairdresser, I hope she doesn't chop it all of, I shall be hovering to make sure but it does need a trim, full of split ends and his face is disappearing under a messy fringe!! Leigh is coming in the arvo and I have tempted her with a swim, some arvo tea and if JJ is well enough I will go up to the high com with her for a game of Sunday tennis!

who set this scene up???? Daddy's little apprentice!! Not quite ready for toilet training yet but loves to sit on the loo when it suits him

feeding the chooks of an evening, they are so keen to get in and help!! I can't walk for falling over them, but I don't mind, I don't have to walk all over the compound rounding them up and their gift of eggs are delicious!! Since reaching maturity they have become so friendly, coming over for a cuddle or just to talk....

till next time, ti a bo


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Busy Day, but a good Day!!!!

Today was busy as usual but loads of fun.....

The chooks are laying, we are getting more eggs each day and it is so satisfying to gather eggs and finally see some results and eat fresh eggs to boot! Meei took a dozen home today as we are getting 6 eggs a day at the moment. Jack and I are enjoying an egg each morning for brekky, add our bacon (from Oz!) and we are in heaven!!!

This afternoon while Sam was snoozing Meei and I got into the veggie garden as we had bought a tray of cabbage and tomatoes from the council. We planted cabbage, pulled out old tomato plants, turned and fertilised soil and planted new tomato plants (not in the same bed as the old tomatoes!) It really is such satisfying work, I just hope we see some produce this time! We then decided to remove a few trees that block the morning sun on the veggie patch. Meei is deadly with the machete and soon all three bushes were removed. I was rolling some soaker hoses to take back across the compound to the shed and the dog and chooks accompanied me. I was dirty and looking around felt a real sense of fulfilment and happiness. I do miss the land and look forward to the day we have our own plot.

Chicky, come to help with the weeding! The girls are so much more inquisitive since hitting maturity.

Meei planting seedlings in one of the veggie gardens. Of course they are all fenced to keep the chooks out!!

Did I mention for the Kiribati Institute of TAFE I donated 200 cupcakes over 3 days, during Independence week!! No Meei to help so I was absolutely exhausted once it was all over!!!

a local 'school bus' taking the kids home from school. It is crazy how many kids they can fit in the back of a truck!!!!! It is certainly rafferty's rules over here!!

Well another busy day over, the dip bag is missing in action so no mail today but surely it will turn up eventually (well I hope before Sam's birthday!) The boys had a busy day too, Jack is achieving some school work each morning and Sam has fun pottering with Meei while we work.

On Saturday I am off on a 'chick's date' with Kura from the NZ High Commission, a lovely, lovely person, then back here for a 'playdate' and swim with the boys.....

catch you soon , Jodes xxx

Independence Celebrations

Thursday the 12th of July was the 33rd National Independence Day for Kiribati. The whole nation celebrates by taking the whole week off. Every day is declared a public holiday - bizarre as EVERYTHING shuts down. All services and many independent businesses too.

On Thursday we attended the Independence Parade. This day marked the 33rd anniversary of the nations independence from Great Britain. They ceased being known as the Gilbert Islands and became the independent nation of Kiribati.

The atmosphere was amazing, the police band, the police corp, the Maritime Training College and all the secondary, primary and pre-schools had a contingent marching. It was a mass of colourful movement accompanied by marching music. The president gave his Independence Day speech, the Australian and New Zealand High Commissioners arrived to stand in front of the parade while individual anthems were played.

Our new High Commissioner George Fraser and wife Denise while the Australian anthem is played

JJ & Darren looking all official

The amazingly skilled formation marching of the combined Maritime Training College students and Kiribati police, even JJ was impressed!!

Some of the adorable kids marching for their school!! The whole parade and kaleidoscope of colours was too much to capture on photo, but it was truly an amazing spectacle.

That evening we attended the 33rd Independence dinner hosted by the president and his wife at the state Maneaba. It was a really lovely night and the winner of the men's choir and traditional dance competitions performed. These two groups will now become the nation dance and choir troupes for the year.

The new national dance troupe was AMAZING!!!!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

1st Egg!!!!!!!

Ok a really quick post but so exciting that I had to share......with the demiss of my vegie garden and the feeling of no longer being so self sufficient (I haven't given up however!!) & chooks being 20 weeks and no sign of eggs from incredibly healthy looking chooks I might add, my thoughts were turning towards roast chicken. I found a tiny little egg today in the nesting boxes!!!! So very excited, hopefully now the other 9 will take note and start producing. I will poach it for brekky tomorrow and we will all have a taste of it!!

Be back soon with photos and more news

Jodes xx

Thursday, 5 July 2012

From the house of the poorly

Yet again I am so overdue for a post!!! I do have a very good excuse, I was out of action for a good 10 -12 days and most of that time I was delirious in bed and fairly out of it all. JJ was so close to calling the RAAF in to fly me out as I kept collapsing when I got out of bed and didn't eat or drink for a good 7 days (not a very good nurse!!) I guess everyone gets some sort of tropical lurgy and as I have missed out on most things going around I was bound to get something.

Any way I am feeling 100% better, but once better I started logging on for emails but completely forgot about my blog!! How strange!! So I have just started getting out and about again. The vege garden completely died in my absence, probably due to the incredible amount of rain (even the Taiwanese Mission Farms aren't getting any veggie at the moment!). Chummy the dog has doubled in size during my absence and the chooks who should be laying are not and if they haven't started by the time we leave for Fiji in 3 weeks will find themselves in the freezer!!!

While I was out of it, Meei looked after the boys for JJ during the day and our container of goodies finally arrived. It consisted of, a new BOSCH washing machine, a new bed, 2 new vehicles and a cover for the pool!! I think it was a good week or so before I could appreciate it all, indeed get downstairs to look at the car.

I have taken on a program called the Book Read Program at the National Library. It consists of having a reader each week read a few stories to the assembled kids and then listen to them reading in English. It is loads of fun, but the usual problems with finding volunteers!! Jack loves going and I haven't taken Sam yet as I keep picturing him pulling all the books of the shelf!!!

Tomorrow we are of to the Australia High Commission to celebrate NAIDOC week, I have a few Torres Strait island books to read and we are going to do some Aboriginal painting and craft!! Photos to follow....

Well I am going to sign of now I have touched base. Next week is Independence week and I shall have loads of photos from the march and parade next Thursday so stay tuned

Ti a bo
(bye for now)

Jodes xoxox