Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dengue Fever

Yes, one of us was bound to get it sooner than later.....JJ has been unwell all week with many of the symptoms but has come out in an all over rash today so it all falls into place!! The acute phase usually lasts a few weks so hopefully by next Thursday when we fly out he will be feeling better. There is no definative treatment for Dengue, just bedrest, increased fluid intake and panadol to control high temperatures and aches and pains.

Dengue is not transmitted person to person, so we are all fine to be around him. We are having a very quiet weekend at home, the boys swam and pottered.

The chooks laid 10 eggs today, a full complement which is pretty exciting.

Steak sandwiches for dinner at JJ's request, mmmm, fresh homemade rolls, steak and stuffed full of salad veggies and a fresh egg, bliss!! (& a rare treat!!)

Mum & Dad (Williams) please don't worry about JJ, Dengue is very common and I am making sure he rests, takes plenty to drink and takes drugs as necessary. Looking back I think I had Dengue when I was so ill, it was bound to happen, better us than the boys.

Love Jodes :0)


  1. Wow, fancy JJ having Dengue. I felt when you were sooo sick, that you may have had it. How was he diagnose? Hope he is feeling better soon, and can enjoy your much awaited holiday.

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