Saturday, 18 August 2012


Bula.....hello after a lovely 10 days in Fiji’s coral coast!! What a fabulous break, albeit the sun not shining until, yep you guessed it the last day. No sun lounging for me but managed a great game of tennis with the resident gym junkie and a lovely German guest who really made me work hard, I fully deserved my cocktail that day!! Even spent a few mornings on the treadmill to burn off some of the delicious food we were consuming.

the boys standing at the sunset bar overlooking the lagoon

Every day started the same with Sam waking at an ungodly hour, waiting for breakfast to start then dropping the boys at the ‘kids club’, Sam had a nanny to watch him as he was underage! God bless kids club, the nanny and wonderful staff who made it so much fun that we only saw Jack out of KC hours as he was too busy to join us. So JJ & I started the day in the exclusive ‘Warwick Lounge’ having a quiet cuppa and pastry, reading the paper or a book until ten. We then sat in the foyer watching the world go by, sat on the balcony or if not raining we sat outside on a lounge. We often had a glass of wine together before picking the boys up for lunch. Sam inevitably fell asleep during lunch as he was so tired out from his morning activities.

Sam slept in our bed, I was normally woken by him trying to prise my eyelids open!!

Often as Sam slept, JJ joined him, I took Jack back to KC and would venture off to find a nice place to read. JJ & Sam would join me & we had some lovely afternoons on the beach or just pottering.

the lighting of the lali (lighting the torches) happened at 6pm every night. All the kids including Jack would chase after the warrior who had the tourch and from the torch furtherest away they would yell out 'bula' and we, who were left at the drum would holler it back!!!
It was lovely not to have to think about food or cooking, the choice of food was amazing with loads of salads and veggies, a real plus for us poor fresh produce starved people coming of Kiribati. We all enjoyed eating loads of fresh fruit, veggies and salads. I am sure I have gained a few kilos by the end of our stay (maybe the good wine and ice-cream!!) I was turning pale at the thought of yet another meal!!

We met some lovely couples, all similarly putting kids into KC with a nanny and enjoying couple time, the Irish couple live just down the road from Mum of all places and another from Tamworth. The couple who own and run a personal training studio were from Caulfield, talk about a small world! All in all it was a lovely break. I can’t say we did much, certainly we didn’t leave the resorts but it was certainly exactly what I needed.
The lst morning of kids in kids club, we made it into the icy pool for a drink at the swim up bar after a snorkle in the lagoon.

the magical view from our suite

Back at home and straight back into it, the flight to Tarawa leaves Nadi at 0500 so a REALLY early start but home by 0900 so a full day.

Today I decided to get back into the veggie garden as it is looking a bit over run with weeds and the dog has pushed the gates open and the chooks have gotten in to the garden with the rockmelon, cucumber and pumpkin, also the garden with all the ready to pick Bok Choy and Chinese cabbage, yep you guessed it has been stripped!!! So tonight in my beef satay stir-fry the Bok Choy ‘stalks’ were very lovely and crunchy, shame about the hen pecked leaves!!! Then while in the veggie garden staking the tomatoes they got in and stripped the zucchini and broke a tomato plant, bloody hell, not a good start!!! AAARGH!!! Will I ever get this damn veggie garden growing........???

The boys are well and happy to be home as much as they enjoyed the resort and all it offered them I think they are happy to be home amongst all their toys, seeing Chummy and chasing the chooks! Meei certainly got a warm welcome too. Sam climbed into her lap at midday after a busy morning and promptly fell asleep, very cute.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous holiday. The KC was great for the boys and for you too. Lovely for you to be fed and watered without having to do it yourself. You certainly deserved a holiday. I think we will meet in Fiji next time I come north. xx

  2. Sounds like a wonderful relaxing Holiday Jodie. Fiji is highly on my priority list when Nath takes his long service leave next year. Will just have to see if the grandies are keen to look after the kids for us.
    I love catching up with you all on the blog. Hope you are all well.

    Love Kristy Nath Lewis Kobe and Tahlia xx