Monday, 26 November 2012

More veggies!!!!!!!!!

...again, I seemed to have been ages between blogs but honestly there is a time monster sucking all the days away!!!!!
the days seem like 'ground hog' but in the best possible sense!!
Here is our Chummy dog all drowsy after his 'visit' to the vet!! He had a lovely sleep on the lead overnight and was a very good boy not touching his sutures! Phew!!

Jack found the ice-cream cones, but there was no ice-cream!! Until yesterday so ice-creams all round and Sam is hopeless at eating one!! Every drip has to be wiped up and he waits while you are doing it so the next drip happens and so on, it is time consuming and messy, methinks cups are better !!

on the other hand, Jack is a pro at consuming a cone....(yes I know he needs a haircut!!)

so Daniel, the gardening guru from the Thaiwanese Technical Mission called on Thursday to see how our garden was going. He was very impressed!! He advised me on the nematodes that are killing my cucumbers, tomatoes and capsicum. So off we went on Friday to Tamaku to visit Daniel's farm!! It is awesome, they stuff they are growing and how they are doing it!!
So after being sent home with watermelon, golden rockmelons, some other friut thing and a belly full of sampled fruit & veg and an organic fertiliser this was my build more garden beds and make frames to grow things on, mulch and dig, everyones helping, Meei and Sam are raking, James and Jonny moving bricks and Jack keeping the chooks out of the way!! Me I get to supervise it all.
Today we picked and ate a cucumber, 15 odd tomatoes and a capsicum. Loads more are ripening as we speak and it is very exciting to eat your own produce!!!
I love my gardens and my chooks!!!

Here Chummy is being 'loved' by two little boys and soon to double his admirers to 4!! We are looking forward to our new family moving in, I get daily questions on what they will be like and what 'girls' like to do and will they play 'star wars' and other boy games!! My lot are certainly impatient!!


Well we are on 'sleep' countdown to seeing everyone in Oz, Jack is very excited and we are all looking forward to a break with a wide variety of food to choose from!!!

I'l try for one more blog before we leave.....10 sleeps :0)

Ti a bo


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Our New Chicks!!! continuing on from the saga of the little black hen, I was woken by the chick, 'cheep, cheeping' in our house so I kept then chooks in and kept an eye on them, still no black hen by midday so as I went down to try and catch them they appeared at our front door, so at the moment they are insitu in a cardboard box alternating between the laundry and verandah!!! Out of 9 chicks only 4 remain - dogs :0( Of couse the boys love them to bits, things might change as they lose the chicky fluff!!! 

the new chook house is finally ready to go, Darren has designed and built the most fantastic feeders and the girls will move in tonight to their new home affectionately know as the
"Cluckingham Palace"

Poor old Chummy is so good with putting up with the boys, just waiting for the vet to de-sex him for us, but today the luckiest dog on Taeawa got a bath & frontline!!!
Sam has decided he is the best one to water my bananas!!

Yes!!! THe 1st tomatoes, not long till they ripen, I can't wait!!!

The 1st Capsicums, maybe another few weeks till they are ready

Bok Choy, we are eating loads and it is yummo!!!

the 1st Cucumber - yummo
With 4 weeks tomorrow to go till we fly out I think that Meei and James will have a wonderful December with loads of veggies to take home, bugger we'll miss it but intend to do some planting late November so we aren't ar off more veg when we return!!