Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Our New Chicks!!! continuing on from the saga of the little black hen, I was woken by the chick, 'cheep, cheeping' in our house so I kept then chooks in and kept an eye on them, still no black hen by midday so as I went down to try and catch them they appeared at our front door, so at the moment they are insitu in a cardboard box alternating between the laundry and verandah!!! Out of 9 chicks only 4 remain - dogs :0( Of couse the boys love them to bits, things might change as they lose the chicky fluff!!! 

the new chook house is finally ready to go, Darren has designed and built the most fantastic feeders and the girls will move in tonight to their new home affectionately know as the
"Cluckingham Palace"

Poor old Chummy is so good with putting up with the boys, just waiting for the vet to de-sex him for us, but today the luckiest dog on Taeawa got a bath & frontline!!!
Sam has decided he is the best one to water my bananas!!

Yes!!! THe 1st tomatoes, not long till they ripen, I can't wait!!!

The 1st Capsicums, maybe another few weeks till they are ready

Bok Choy, we are eating loads and it is yummo!!!

the 1st Cucumber - yummo
With 4 weeks tomorrow to go till we fly out I think that Meei and James will have a wonderful December with loads of veggies to take home, bugger we'll miss it but intend to do some planting late November so we aren't ar off more veg when we return!!


  1. Vegies look fabulous, as do the boys and of course the little chicks. Are they still around? You planted those banana plants when I was there in April! Take care xx

  2. I have just commented but it seems to have gone into cyber space!!