Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Vegie Garden Produce!!!

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe it has been so long, so sorry!!! I am just not sure what is going on, no time for the computer it seems!! I really have to make an effort and most of the time I don't, obviously!!

So many things happening around the compound and outside the compound. The fence extension has finally started. The new seawall has nearly finished being laid and the extra amount of land is huge. Meei bought her four kids over and we had a working bee to remove foliage and grass so we get a beach like area for the kids to play on. It was damn hard work in the heat, I don't envy the workmen, although they pop up a tree occassionally to get Moi-moto (gren coconut) to drink. It is bizarre looking out and seeing a guy up a tree at balcony height!!

Chummy is growing rapidly as his food supply is now a constant!! His coat is looking better and his toys should arrive tomorrow in the Dip mail bag. He has been moved outside as we encourage him to be a 'compound' dog and to roam about the whole compound, don't think it'll happen uch till some one else feeds him!!

The new Australian High Commissioner has arrived with his wife Denise. George has experience in the Pacific as a HC before and seems keen. The president Anote Tong and his wife gave a welcome reception for him last friday and pretty much a copy of the farewell for the old AHC!! But a good night. Saturday night we were meant to go out but begged off, lucky as Jack started vomiting and JJ & I quickly followed suit - Gastro!! I spent a long night alternating between dashing to the loo and holding Jack, up at 7am to a healthy busy Sam and I swear the LONGEST day of my life as I struggled to stay upright and feed Sam, chooks, dogs etc. My adoring husband was in bed too sick to move, aaargh (man illness at its best!!)

We have had SO much rain all the tanks are over flowing, the vegies have all gone to mildew and most of the plants are now dead!! I guess if it's not a frost its the humidity!! But we managed to get a few vegies first. The two rockmelon were delicious and the cucumber odd shaped but edible!! The radishes were also edible, not much of a crop but at least enough to keep me interested!! Nearly everything had to be pulled out as it was dead bar the tomotos and the pumpkin, watermelon and rockmelon vines which are going mad!! I bought a tray of eggplant seedlings yesterday and planted 9 so hopefully soon, although the gardener told me to water with half water/ man's urine in the morning and water in the arvo, maybe I'll stick to Yates fertilizer!!!!!

Meei's latest trick to get Sam to relax and sleep when he's out of sorts, she massages him to sleep - bliss!!!!

This cheeky rooster flew over the fence to get to my girls, I chased him off but he hung around until they went to bed and we haven't seen him since. The girls are fine looking specimens of the golden sex-link variety and are now 16 weeks. Only a week or so to go until eggs appear, well here's hoping!!! We are a hungry crowd in this compound and if Darren is replaced with a family (here's hoping!!) we'll use every egg that pops out!!

I have taken over the reading program on a Saturday morning at the National library. The kids come at 10 am and we read a story them they read or look at books on their own while the adults listen to them read. It is designed to increase their english and love of books. I take Jack most Saturdays and Meei takes her kids and nieces. I have joined Meei up so she can get books out for all four kids. I am hoping to get loads more reading so we don't burden anyone person. The kids love it and we have good fun. Since i-Kiribati kids are so used to sitting in the Maneaba for hours listening to elders talk, sing or dance they are so well behaved, no fidgeting or noise, it is bizarre, not like our kids who can't sit still for 5 minutes!!

Well I am signing off now as I'd better put kids to bed and make a few phone calls