Saturday, 10 August 2013


Gracious me, 2 months since my last blog, how very naughty of me!!!!!

So much has been happening that I really can't recall it all, but I'll do my best!!!

So I documented May and our holidays so I'll move on to June, thank goodness I take loads of photos to remind me of what was going on!!

Kristy and I decided to have a staff luncheon, so all our staff knocked of at midday and went and collected their families and reassembled for a huge Chinese lunch from Ahboy's Kitchen. This was perfect as no one felt compelled to do dishes as we ate on plastic and threw it all away!! After lunch the kids played on the playground, rode bikes, scooters and trikes and then we all hoped in the pool, rigged up a net and had a game of water volleyball which was loads of fun!!!!

the following week Sam's kindy class came to visit for their P.E day. Most of the kids had never seen a slide or play equipment and they had an absolute ball. I provided morning tea and the kids sang and danced for me- too cute!! Most of the kids had to be dragged from the compound crying and kicking. This week is the last week of term so the kids are coming back this Friday and their parents are bringing a feast, it will be fun for all the kids to join in!

JJ got some very exciting news - he got promoted, so as of January 1st he will be Commander JJ Williams. It was very unexpected so you can imagine how shocked and excited he was, here he is on the phone to his Dad, a very proud moment!!


Jack and Sam went with JJ to the airport. I had 3 hours bliss, all to myself and so rare!!! Best part the boat had just come in so I cooked up a rare treat, an avocado, cheese and bacon melt with a bunch of grapes and fresh orange juice with a perfect cup of tea and a good book, talk about spoiling ones self. I sat on the verandah, overlooking the lagoon at high tide and enjoyed!!

Sam is just at the stage where if he has an afternoon nap he won't go to bed in the evening, so we have cut the naps but occasionally of a late afternoon he crashes in the chair. The funniest thing is how he does it, this time he fell asleep sucking a piece of pandanus fruit, when he woke up he continued gnawing it like there was no interruption, so very funny!!

The last week of July the island hosted the 'Pacific Partnership' program. I was privileged enough to work with the veterinary team in recovery! The 1st days clinic was in Bairiki and we desexed 40 dogs, a cat and 59 pigs!! It was crazy busy and so much fun. I dragged Kristy along for the experience and boy it was that. The veterinary team was mainly made up of World Vet volunteers, whom leave their jobs and pay their way around the Pacific to work for nothing, just the experience of operating in primitive conditions and mostly outside, amongst the flies and dust! They were truly amazing people. Kristy and I spent 4 days with them and one afternoon after clinic closed they all came back to our compound for a much needed swim and afternoon tea that didn't include any ration pack items that they had been eating for weeks and weeks. So we gave them loads of fresh fruit and hummus and veg, a cake, bikkies, fairy bread and Moimoto!! The food disappeared instantly and the guys had a great few hours lounging and playing in the pool.

A puppy was thrown over the fence so the vets went ahead and desexed him, of course he was homeless and 'Dobby' was adopted by the vets and defence personnel staying at the Betio Sports Complex, off course he needed a home and has ended up as Defence dog number three!! All our animals are now desexed, woohoo.

As Scott is away I was asked to represent the compound in the last fishing competition. It is held monthly and I am pleased to say I didn't let the side down, I caught the only Yellow Finned Tuna, which was weighed in and the caught a Wahoo that was also weighed in, the only two fish that the Australian boat offered up. I am proud to say that after the adrenaline kicked in I managed to haul in this beauty weighing in at 31.5lbs. I am now holding the title of largest fish caught by a lady angler!!! I am hooked and looking forward to getting out again. The weather was kind and it there was an amazing display of wildlife. We saw Frigate birds, Spinner Dolphins, Flying fish, Turtles and the most amazing feeding frenzy with thousands of birds. Yep no photos I was busy fishing :P

We weren't sure if we'd have to postpone Sam's birthday as the last 4 diplomatic bags with the mail had been put off in Fiji and still had not made it to Tarawa. So not one of Sam's presents had arrived. But it all arrive the morning before so it was a mad panic to bake two cakes, one to take to kindy and the other for a late birthday tea with a few other kids. Well it went off well and Sam got to blow out his 3 candles!!!

Probably the most momentous news is that JJ has been recalled back to Darwin for his first posting as a Commander. This is not negotiable. We are leaving this wonderful place in early December. I am devastated, not to mention the kids and staff. I had this wonderful 18 month plan and now it is less than 6!!! I can't tell you how much food and supplies and meat we have to either get through and sell!! It will be a crazy time trying to get everything organised. It is going to be so sad to leave Meei, whom has become such a huge part of our family. Not to mention my gorgeous cat Birdie who is such a character, he follows me around like a loyal dog. I will miss this compound, my chooks, dogs and veggie garden.
I think the next 5 months we will cram in as much as we can, take every opportunity and invitation. So I guess we'll be seeing you at home sooner rather than later

tia bo moa

Jodes xoxoxox