Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Time is Flying.....

I am still wondering where time goes, maybe here on Tarawa so close to the equator it gets sucked away!!! Goodness it is nearly November & not long til we depart for Oz!
Not much has been occupying our time that isn't routine. The veggie garden, chooks and kids take up most of my day and a visit to the gym. I am how ever constantly saying to Meei, is it 4pm already????

Meei's daughter got married on the weekend and I did their cake as they are trying to save money. The only bakery on the island does pox cakes about $150 each so I volunteered!! So this is my version of a wedding cake. It says "Good luck on your wedding" Kotao & Janet!!!
Sam decided to get his brekky, crumble up his weetabix and prmptly spilt it all over the floor, her is my little mr independent cleaning up!! He gets so angry and frustrated when he can't get it done. Sam is toilet training at the moment and it is self lead. He is even taking himself off to the loo and we have to wait while he gets his stool, turns lights and fans on, pulls off his jocks, climbs laboriously up onto the set and sits, and sits and sits while rolling and unrolling the toilet roll.
Doesn't he get cross if we try to do something for him, pull up his jocks, peel his banana, it is so funny to watch him tell you off!!

Mummy and Jack reading in Jack's bed. Since aquiring "Reading Eggs" Jack's reading is going really well, he is sounding and identifying words. Here we are deep into a book about the environment that he chose himself at the library.


This hen lives next door but when the dogs chased her day old chicks into our yard she promptly flew over the fence and hearded them into our chook coop for the night, my girls were not impressed!! But the baby chicks are oh so very cute. She has 9 in total and we listen to them cheep, cheep, cheeping all day long as they live along our fence line - too cute. Jack would love to get his hands on them!!

The new chook house is a work in progress with a builder who takes "island time" very much to heart, so I don't bother hoping for a spedy build any more but have imformed him it must be up by mid november so I can get the girls settled in their new home well before we go away!! Photos to follow the moment it is up

ti a bo for now


Monday, 22 October 2012

The veggie garden!!

So I am the veggie queen!!! Well I am feeling pretty smug, the bok choy or cabbage as the locals call it is ready for the table and it's yummo, even JJ was impressed and asked for more!! He who doesn't like veggies!! I have 3 teeny weeny tomatoes and everything has flowers, the capsicum, cucumber, eggplant, just the beans to go!

yummo, it has taken me ages to buy my own Yellow Fin Tuna, but as I am starting a detox with only whole food I need as much variety as possible, and believe me there ain't much on this island to chose from. My filleting skills are a little rusty, Chummy got a good feed of fish tonight!!

The veggie garden looking very green and edible!!!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Photos of our week

I'm not sure where the time is going but the day seems to rnd before I have got everything done!! It is only 7 weeks till we leave for our Christmas break!!!

Here Meei and Sam are off to collect the eggs and water the veggie garden while Jack and I do some school work. Sam and Jack both have their own egg collecting baskets, so they don't drop all the eggs!!!

Our new outdoor setting finally arrived, a 2 & 3 seater lounge, armchair and pouffe!! Also a 9 piece outdoor dining setting. I managed to get a brief relax with no children and a recent Woman's Day (curtesy of Mum!)

Hmmm, quiet comfy, I could stay here all day and look at the view. This piccy is for you Sonia!! The new play equipment will arrive soon and be put just to the left of our house down the front, so our balacony is the perfect place to relax and watch the kids play!!

Jack wanted to make a chocolate cake, how rude, he gets to like the bowls and spoons and I get the dirty dishes to wash up!!!

Jack and I did the icing and put the bowl in the sink for washing. The 'Icing Thief' found it and helped himself!! He loves icing, not so keen on the cake!!

Right the boys and I are off to the library to read, as I am filling in for a volunteer. Better get a crack on with brekky or we will be going up hungry, have a great day


Monday, 1 October 2012

A busy weekend

It was my turn to read at the library on Saturday.....I inherited the Saturday reading program from an outgoing volunteer. We spend and hour or so at the library reading to and then listening to the local kids read in English. Jack and Sam enjoy the interaction and visit. Meei brings her kids along too and watches Sam for me but this weekend she was away. I ask JJ to come along and to our delight he did, and thoroughly enjoyed it too. It is great to hear the kids reading, many read well, just don't have the comprehension skills.

Reading "Jollo Olly Octopus" to the 40 odd kids that turned up this weekend
Jack and Sam doing some drawings in the School Room with Nancy's new crayons!
The kiakia out the front has finally got a roof on. It is SO plesant sitting there having a wine at the end of a long day, watching the kids play with the dog and the chooks scratching about. The tide is high here, just the other side of the fence, with a gentle breeze it is bliss!!
Sunday was a busy day of cooking in preperation of our two guests. I cooked an orange cake, Sonia's slice, jamdrop bikkies, a raisin loaf and a quiche shell ready to be filled today. Meei and I had prepared the guest room with a single bed etc only to find out late last night that our secong guest is not arriving due to her plane not leaving Tonga, gotta love Air Pacific and their lax attitude to getting people around the Pacific!!!!
So JJ's collegue Birgetta arrives today until Thursday. Another busy week as JJ flies out next Monday for Tuvalu. He has organised a joint patrol with the Kiribati and Tuvalu Patrol Boats.
I can't belive that in 9 weeks we shall be leaving Tarawa for Melbourne and Christmas, my how this year has flown.........
si a bo for now