Thursday, 19 July 2012

Busy Day, but a good Day!!!!

Today was busy as usual but loads of fun.....

The chooks are laying, we are getting more eggs each day and it is so satisfying to gather eggs and finally see some results and eat fresh eggs to boot! Meei took a dozen home today as we are getting 6 eggs a day at the moment. Jack and I are enjoying an egg each morning for brekky, add our bacon (from Oz!) and we are in heaven!!!

This afternoon while Sam was snoozing Meei and I got into the veggie garden as we had bought a tray of cabbage and tomatoes from the council. We planted cabbage, pulled out old tomato plants, turned and fertilised soil and planted new tomato plants (not in the same bed as the old tomatoes!) It really is such satisfying work, I just hope we see some produce this time! We then decided to remove a few trees that block the morning sun on the veggie patch. Meei is deadly with the machete and soon all three bushes were removed. I was rolling some soaker hoses to take back across the compound to the shed and the dog and chooks accompanied me. I was dirty and looking around felt a real sense of fulfilment and happiness. I do miss the land and look forward to the day we have our own plot.

Chicky, come to help with the weeding! The girls are so much more inquisitive since hitting maturity.

Meei planting seedlings in one of the veggie gardens. Of course they are all fenced to keep the chooks out!!

Did I mention for the Kiribati Institute of TAFE I donated 200 cupcakes over 3 days, during Independence week!! No Meei to help so I was absolutely exhausted once it was all over!!!

a local 'school bus' taking the kids home from school. It is crazy how many kids they can fit in the back of a truck!!!!! It is certainly rafferty's rules over here!!

Well another busy day over, the dip bag is missing in action so no mail today but surely it will turn up eventually (well I hope before Sam's birthday!) The boys had a busy day too, Jack is achieving some school work each morning and Sam has fun pottering with Meei while we work.

On Saturday I am off on a 'chick's date' with Kura from the NZ High Commission, a lovely, lovely person, then back here for a 'playdate' and swim with the boys.....

catch you soon , Jodes xxx


  1. WOW the parades looked amazing Sad the Dip bag hasnt shown up 2 boxes missing in action Hope Sams gets there in time It arrived in ACT 2 days after I bought it The boys sweeties will be stuffed by now the lollipops anyway
    Great to see you posting missed you ♥♥
    Love to our darling boys and You and JJ Family arriving on Saturday except Ronald who has gastritis Has been crook for several weeks they reckon it is bacterial but wont treat it until they find out what bug :( so he may come later next week flights available Take care Love You
    Tess ♫♪♫♥

  2. Yum the eggs look beautiful, as do the cupcakes. That would have kept you busy. Hope the Dip bag arrives this week for Sam's birthday. Jack may need to have a haircut in Fiji!!
    Love you Mum. xx