Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lazy Sunday

Had a bit of a lie in today, not long cause Sam was singing & laughing his head off!! Got up to make a cuppa and my beloved Magimix kettle is dead as a doornail!! Most unimpressed. Completely threw me out of kilter and had to go rumaging downstairs in the store for another. Had avocado on toast - yummo!! And headed down for a hit of tennis, even though it is still blowing. (I got feed up with the wind yesterday and closed the house up. It is not particularly hot just blocks out the wind.)

Had a good hit and giggle as JJ calls it, nothing too competitive or fancy but gets the heart rate up! JJ then jumped in the pool to give its very green bottom a scrub with the broom. The wind and rain has turned it green. Glad it wasn't me slipping around the algae bottom!

JJ & Darren removed yet more furniture from the house and Darren removed some electrical cords that were just pocking out, for goodness knows what!! I have moved the cords around as the phone was plugged in at Sam height and came to discover that Sam turns the phone off & methinks it has been off more than on!! Problem solved now though!!

Trying bread rolls today to make hamburgers, even got a little iceberg lettuce, how exciting to have a little salad!! I think we'll get a good dose of veges every 6 weeks when the boat comes in, well at least tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, celery and carrots. Gotta be quick to get them but worth haunting the supermarket when the boat comes in!!

Did I mention that Sam and I walked up to the 'Captains Bar' on Friday. JJ & Jack had gone with Darren and after preparing pizza and a few wines I thought why not. It was a lovely walk and everyone waved, tooted and called 'mauri' (Hello!), so i convinced JJ to walk home again, it was nice to be out for a walk.

Trivia, the Gilbertese word for dogs is "come 'ere", this was because when the imitangs (white people) came with dogs they always yelled "come 'ere" so the i-Kiribati thought that was the English word for dogs!!!!! Too funny!

I am slowly starting to pick up some words, a friend gave me the old Peace Corp language work book, it looks confusing but i will ask Meei to help me.

The guest room is complete!! JJ has finished painting and it looks lovely and fresh. The furniture has had a good clean and been arranged. I am just waiting getting a moment to go down and find a bed skirt, curtains and then I will dress the room and take a photo. When it is done I'll put up the before and afters, I am very pleased with how it is shaping up.

Right I am off to take my dough out of the bread maker and turn it into rolls!! Then a shower and prepare our feast, enjoy your week...


  1. Jody you need to start canning so you can buy up big when the fresh stuff is in and can it and make your own sauces. Love hearing about your adventures with the island and local people :)

  2. well I sent about a book on your last post and cant see it grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I have a shocker of a cold so am feeling like shite I thought when you posted it was the boat in haha been off TI for too long See Darwin wasn't quite that backward lol Maybe if you get fresh greens you can freeze them Tomatoes make into puree or reduce to paste for sauce Capsicum maybe caramelize and refridge or maybe freeze!!!!!!!!!!!!! look up for recipes for preserving Any way had a great women's day today with Zoe Johnno has left Sam so we where having a day for her but she couldn't face it all good a friend of Zoe's Lee came and Rosie OT don't know if you knew her Canadian lovely lady I even read a card hmmmmmmmmmm how long since I did that Oh well off to bed still coughing more like barking even a slight whoop :(( Talk soon Love you ♥