Monday, 13 February 2012

On Our Own....

So JJ has left for Perth this morning, overnight in Brisbane and business class all the way!! Gotta love defence!! The plan is he will get back next Monday morning so will get to spend half of Jack's birthday with him!! Only the promise of presents mollified Jack enough into letting JJ go, he was quite distraught (as is the norm when JJ goes away!)

I am feeling quire happy at being left alone here, the compound is secure and Darren is across the way. Meei and James are about every day too. Tomorrow another new family are coming to visit, it is Rebecca's birthday on Wednesday and they are coming to use our oven to make a cake as their cooker is somewhat dubious with rats making their home in it and a few places it is rusted through!! So we will have a little party tea while her cake is cooking!!

Went grocery shopping on Saturday and couldn't find tinned tomatoes anywhere, the island is out!! An absolute staple has really re-enforced when you see it buy it - lots of!!!! Not having a car makes it difficult to get out and shop, my Independence has certainly taken a hit, but we are here to save and we are all making sacrifices. Once Sam is older I shall venture out and catch a bus! No mean feat here, they are vans, stuffed full of people, licenced to carry 10 people they are often crammed full of at least 27 people hanging out every where and as the drivers are maniacs many people are sick!!! Not something I want to contemplate with Sam the Houdini!!!
 One of the main types of injury here is people being hit by cars, it certainly is Rafferty's rules!!! There is one main road that runs the entire length of the island that is mostly sealed, the rest are sand tracks branching off into villages and houses, it is a rabbit warren to be sure!! Peak hour is surprisingly busy as there is only the one road!!!

Another industrious weekend, we changed the lounge room and it is much more sociable and easier to see the tv!! Have i mentioned that there is no tv!! As I see friends cmments of FB about soapies coming back I giggle, we don't look like seeing cable tv back in the foreseeable future!! And am I missing it, no way!! Nights are plesantly spent with a dvd of choice or a good book and a cuppa or even better reading in bed. (something I haven't done since Sam was born as he shared our room!)
I was thinking of giving myself a pedicure tonight but forgot to bring any nail polish remover and can't get it here so will have to wait for JJ to return with it!! Not even acetone in the shed, my nails are looking decidedly sad!!!

Well a little bit of rain over night and over the weekend, enough to water my plants. The pool filter died and thank goodness Darren was able to fix it, the pool is looking decidedly green and we are still waiting on the algeacidepromise lst ship but will hopefully arrive next ship (6 weeks away!) Also with it should be my slow cooker (to make the tough rump edible!) & hopefully the new curtains, we have been waiting 18 months for, oh and our new coffee and occasional tables....things take a while to get here!!

Well Sam is in bed and I am going to hit the gym for a 1/2 hour sess on the treadmill...catch you later :0)


  1. The comment box has miraculously appeared this morning and I will be curious if you receive this Jodi. Lovely to read your news. Your Mum has spoilt me here taking me out for dinner on Fri night and Sat she bought everything here to make San Choi Boi. Although I wasn't the best of company it was good to spend a couple of hours in their company. Shoulder feels a little easier this morning - thankgoodness. My Bridge partner picked me up yesterday for a day's bridge out at Knox, it was a tough day but pleased I made the effort to go. Am wondering if this little comment box is just that or that I can bore you with my ramblings...let me know. Still haven't found anyone to help with "blog" sites. That's the trouble with getting older..Hope all goes well for JJ and he gets back for Jack's Birthday. It sounds as though you are settling in well. How about a photo of this magnificent views you have from the Tennis court? Thinking of you and take care love Jillx

    1. Yep all your message came through Jill!! You read my mind, I keep meaning to take the camera over to the court when the tide is in and the sun is out giving those beautiful blue colours of the ocean!!

  2. Jack little men are hopefully winging their way to Kiribti sent them air just in a box to the High Com address Crossed fingers they get there in time ♥