Tuesday, 7 February 2012

One month Anniversary

Can you believe it!! We have been here forone month already, not sure where the time has gone!! So much for having all this spare time up my sleeve, I haven't found any!!!!

I am off to 'Zumba' tonight, not sure how I'll go but I definately need to get out....my boys are doing my head in today!! (not to mention my girth is growing at an alarming rate!) We have played tennis a few days in a row but we try to play when Sam is asleep and he didn't oblige us today!

Yesterday it was high tide and blue skies while playing tennis. The court is less than 5 meters from the hight tide mark. Looking through the pandanus trees to the beautiful torquoise blue of the water and then the darker navy blue of the sea further out was amazing, the colours are so vivid and made quite a distraction to hitting a tennis ball! Lucky my back is to it or JJ would win every point!!

Well the 6 weekly boat has been and gone, the fresh produce has beed put out and snapped up. I am savouring tomatoes and cheese grilled on freshly made grain bread. Once the last avocado is ripe I'll add it to the mix!! I made some natural yoghurt and made Tzatiki with a fresh cucumber, yummo. I shall do some hummus next as I bought a load of tahini from Oz!

Well I better go and prepare the dinner for the boys and put on my 'Zumba' clothes. Hope you are all well, Jodes xx

Back from Zumba and how much fun......it is the other end of the island at the Ambo club, set right on the lagoon. The girls set up a projector onto the large screen and you watch the dvd. It is a bit difficult because you are right next to the lagoon, like my tennis the colours of the water kept catching my eye and because i am so un-co I needed all my concentration to get my feet moving right!! The sunset was well worth the hours slog!! Think I'll become a regular!!! Oh yeah it was nice to get out of the house for a while, all on my own!!

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  1. Love reading your blogs, think I am addicted! No tips for you with recipes but I know what a great cook you are so I am sure you will make the most of what you have on hand. Shell