Thursday, 23 February 2012

Photos of the house, as requested by Sonia!!

Jack's bedroom, has 2 single beds and loads of space in the middle for playing!!

The master bedroom, to the right is a walk in robe through to the ensuite. It is light and airy with three windows from floor to ceiling louvers!

Behind me is the hall leading down to all the bedrooms, bathroom, toilet and laundry. Jack is sitting at the rarely used kitchen table. To the left is the study and the lounge and the kitchen is behind him.

the kitchen!! The door next to the stove is a walk in oantry, with the addition of some shelves it is awesome!! Never enough cupboard space though, I am missing a tupperaware cupboards!!! lol!! Behind is the diningroom which looks out over the water of the lagoon.

the diningroom, we sit here because it gives us a nice view of the water and it opens on to the loungeroom. It is nice to have so much room after Darwin!!

Looking at the loungeroom through to the diningroom. It is a nice large space and now I have rearranged it all, removed some unnecessary furniture it is a lovely space.

Sam's very 1st room, and it is lovey with loads of prints on the walls and a chair for feeding, which he has weaned himself from :0(, loads of space for clothes as all rooms have built in robes and space to put toys and then some to play!! At least having his own oom means he is sleeping through - noice!

The verandah runs all the way around the house and is like a giant playpen. It is great, the cubbyhouse, kitchen and bikes and tikes live out here making it a great safe playground for the boys!! We are waiting on new curtains as these are pretty tatty and a new sideboard, coffee tables and a tv unit, then all will be complete and the house very functional and friendly. I am very happy to be here :0)


  1. House is lovely Jodie - the kitchen layout looks similar to your Darwin. Great to see they give you nice furniture whilst you are there - how many square feet is the house? It looks huge. Your decorating is lovely. Thanks for sharing xoxo

  2. Looks great Greg finished his passport today Slack me still hasn't got the photos done Keep forgetting I need you to remind me what I am doing lol I must admit I am glad Greg did it with so much gusto could be a good sign

    1. Thanks Leonie!! The house is very comfy!! Tess you ARE slack!! Go Popey, I think he will leave you at home looking after things and come on his own, lol!! GET YOU PASSPORT WOMAN!!!!!!!