Sunday, 19 February 2012

who calls Sunday lazy?????

So JJ is home tomorrow and things are buzzing here. I think Darren decided to at least get the gerney out and do the outside of the house and windows for me today before JJ gets in. I would have prefered JJ's help with child minding!!!! So after brekky and wizzing up a quick chocolate cake (to ice later) for the birthday boy to be 5 tomorrow, I am outside cleaning. OMG did it need cleaning, I knew it was dirty, but not THAT dirty!!!! Did the guest room first and managed to flood it with bubbles (too much soap!), felt like the old days at SES mopping up (were are the orange overalls when you need them!!) Got the hang of it upstairs and not so much soap and hardly any water inside. The result is amazing, we can see out now, it looks like new and I swear the house is brighter as all the collective mould, salt and dirt came off windows and screens!!! I then spent an hour wiping down louvers (thank god for ENJO!!)

So feeling happier about the house now that is done, the guest room is filling up!! Exciting news, Mum's friend Jill is seriously thinking of acompanying her here, Jack is so excited to be sharing his room with his 'guy'!! I did point out though that Guy would not be going to bed with him at 730 pm!!

So here we are nearly 4pm, a wine in hand, windows done, gurneying done, cake iced, white bread made for fairy bread (rolls made tomorrow morning for hot dogs), thinking what to make for dinner and looking forward to a shower and bed.

Off to pick JJ up by 10 so we can stop for a coffee, banana smoothie and ice-cream. Then watch the plane land (with camera in tow for some lovely island life photo taking on the way!!) & back home for Jack's party lunch with fairy bread and hotdogs and cake, that is all he wants! Oh with calamari and breadfriut chips for dinner. Breadfruit is a fruit that grows here about the size of a pumpkin and deep fries into lovely chips (nicer than potato!)

The dip bag didn't arrive again so hopefully it will tomorrow as I know there to be a few parcels for the birthday boy, however I think daddy's suitcase will create sufficient excitement for us all!!

And who said I'd have time to lounge about, read, be a lady of leisure, poor Jack hasn't even started school cause I can't find the time, phew. Will really have to get myself together......enjoy your sunday

Jodes xoxox

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