Saturday, 18 February 2012

Good god it is the weekend already????

Well we have survived our week with JJ being away. I must say that as with other weeks this one has flown. Here we are again at a weekend, where di the week go? Nothing achieved in particular again!!

Sam is asleep after a morning out showing a new lady around the island and Jack busy in his room (how he loves having his own space!) We have gathered groceries and wine along the way this morning so directly I will get into the kitchen and prepare dinner. Then I think I shall take a wine out to the verandah where the tide is in and the sound of the waves are hypnotic (might put me to sleep!). The sun is out so the blues of the water are a constant marvel to behold and one I shall never get sick of looking at.

Domestically I made my 1st raisin loaf yesterday which turned out very nicely and the boys gobbled it up as french toast this morning!! I found caster sugar today so my cooking won't be as course as I have been using just white sugar, no difference in taste just texture!!

JJ gets home on Monday after a sucessful apperance in court and an even more sucessful shopping trip!! That suitcase on Monday is going to be like christmas morning!!!! Thank goodness I bought over most of Jack's birthday pressies as yet again the dip bag and mail bags were all off loaded from Thursday's flight.

This photo shows Sam playing with a hermit crab, he loves them and Meei breaks of the big nipper so he doesn't gt bitten, too Jack's extreme horrer!!

The tennis court, well thw view from it, not very clear but the water is actually a dazzling blue. Quite distracting when playing tennis!!!!

Feeling a bit flat today after looking in the mirror and seeing a solid regrowth of the purist grey!! Time to try a 'colour in a bottle', not an exciting prospect after so many years of the professionals doing it!! JJ bought me a few hair bands as the trade winds make my hair stick straight up!!
Skin all blotchy and I look like I am re-visiting my teenage years, what the....???? And I am fat and nearly 40 and I can't seem to get any time toget in the gym, maybe when JJ gets home or I just start asking Meei, Oh dear going a little mad, methinks.

On that note I'd better go and prepare dinner or I'll never get to that glass of wine on the verandah, lol........enjoy your weekends :0)

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  1. I don't care if you are fat gray blotchy and 40 love you any way Tho I am sure it'll be ok Now maybe drink half the bottle of wine have a soak in the bath a nice sleep and things will be better tomorrow Take time for your self I am sure Meei would watch the boys for half an hour and if you are 40 I am hmmmmmmmmmmmm haha 40 is fabulous just go along for the ride and enjoy after all it's just a number ♥♥