Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Busy Dayz...

Oops..this week has flown. Nothing in particular is happening. JJ has started painting the guest suite!! It was my project but he has decided to take it on, citing my need to cook an look after children, I suggested he do it but no way!!!!

So JJ has been told he is required in court in Perth on the 13th Feb! So as only twoflights go in and out of Tarawa a week he has to leave next Thursday and for one day in court will be away probably 7-10 days! Hopefully he will go via Sydney and see his parents and I can get a heap of bits sent for him to pick up. I am starting to discover little things I have forgotten!!!!

Spent the last few nights googling recipes for mince and chicken bits, then finding something with fairly basic ingredients (that I can find here!) to cook. Doing Beef Biriysani tonight and it smells heaven (even though I left out cumin as mine had gone mouldy!)

James has been busy preparing the soil in the vege garden, island time! With the rain we have some pumpkins and bananas coming up! So exciting, I am madly watering away!!

Chris left a 2 kg piece of bone ham at $130 we thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!!

The largest supermarket on the island & in Betio village. Behind me is one-stop a small supermarket run by an expat!!

Mail in today, a calender from Livvy, thank you dear friend, it is beautiful and on the wall for all to see. Wow wouldn't I love to choose my next destination from it but non are near the sea :0(

Right am off for a shower and to eat my dinner, hope it is as yummy as it smells......


  1. Where did the bananas come from they grow from slips from the adult plant We can send Aus aid packs like we did when you went to the UK just let me know what you want no probs if I can't get it form here Fay or Joan can be recruited Tell me what ingredients you can get and I will hit up Gaz for some recipes Love you ♥♥

  2. and we have had no phone for a bit so will try to ring tomorrow xxooxx