Sunday, 29 January 2012

Rainy Sunday

Well yesterday arvo was bliss. I put Sam down for a sleep and took my book and banana lounge over to the pool for some 'me time'!! Jack and JJ promptly followed!! But I enjoyed listening to their games and splashes while I swam and read a little. Mariana, a volunteer who is staying in the compound with us until school starts on her outer island came over and 'crashed' our family time, as JJ said 'its ok we are crashing Jodie's me time'!!
So Maraina had a play with Jack and JJ bought us over some beers so we flopped around the pool chatting and sipping beers! Very civilised!!
Sam slept through most of our swim, got up played on the tennis court chasing the ball until he came a cropper and now has a very bruised little face and graze on his nose. Then we went inside for dinner.

Well after yesterdays blissful weather today is the complete opposite!! It has been raining since 2am last night and the wind is so strong I feel I might be blown into the Pacific ocean!! The 5 compound water tanks are overflowing and I am excited that my vege patch is getting a really, really good soaking!! Also the poor old Papaya trees that Chris planted but hasn't watered are now getting a good drink. Tess do you think they are all male plants, one is waist height, the other face height?

Well no photos today as internet is so very slow, so will go and do some baking, enjoy your Sundays....

So baking done, fresh bread (getting better loaves now!), a Donna Hay Apricot slice and ice-cream. Gran's casserole slow cooking in the oven with carrots, mash potatos & peas for dinner.

Kids have been crazy today, nothing but whinging, think it might be the wind, I think it is as blowy as a Cat 5 cyclone!!! (So does JJ!)

Early night tonight as I haven't been right all day and am so tired. Goodnight!!


  1. Leave them go now you've got water they will soon let you know what they are Maybe plant some more seems you have lots of room Stayed home today wet and windy :( yuck Got a sore throat now sook sook Hope your baking is going well Hopefully the seeds will arrive soon Love ya ♥

    1. Thanks Tess,
      rotten weather here too!! I got the belly thing going around! No wonder I wasn't feeling right.....