Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The boys have there very own race track!! The verandah is wide and goes all the way around the house. Now I have found some of their bikes and trikes they are off and racing........but what father in their right mind would unpack only ONE bloody car, off course the boys were fighting over it before JJ had left the compound!! With Sam on my hip and Jack trailing behind I had t go and find more trikes and bikes, unwrap them and drag the whole damn lot upstairs!! I got my revenge, making JJ put together the cubby house when he got home, te-he-he-he!!!

The boys swimming, well cruising in the pool, behind is our Maneaba, our 'meeting place'. Today the breeze got up in the arvo making it too cool to swim!!!! What a pleasant change from Darwin.

Hoping to get out tomorrow with the High Comissioners wife for a tour of the island, well parts of it as it takes a good hour to get the the northern part of Kiribati.

Good night xx

ps we have been here one week today, goodness how time has flown!!!!!

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