Monday, 16 January 2012


My 1st day of not unpacking!!! We have little hermit crabs scurrying around under the house - so Cute!!

Still clearing out furniture and rearranging, loads of plans in place for new furniture and the little flat downstairs!! At least I have a deadline to get down stairs finished as the Defence Attache for our island group is coming mid march and we want him to stay here. I want to paint, clean and furnish before then!!

Baked an Orange cake today, using plain four with baking powder added to make it S R Flour and it worked a treat!! The cake behaved perfectly and was yummo too!!

Steak for dinner, rump sliced quiet thinly and was tough as!! JJ didn't mind but me, nope, I'll give it a miss untill I am desperate for steak!!!

Had a swim after lunch, pushing the boys around in the blow up boat, hmm maybe I'll get toned thighs out of it!!!!! Afternoon tea on the verandah, noice!

Next doors pig lives on our fence line, it squeals all day long, at first I thought it was a baby! Everyone keeps pigs here, they are meant to be 50 m away from a dwelling but there is not enough room, most are tied by their back leg to a tree!

James climbed up a coconut palm and got us some green coconuts at Jack's request, he was so excited to see James climb up!! May (house help) opened them and we tried our first drink of green coconut, they are meant to be incredibly healthly and the i-kiribatis use them for all sorts of health issues and as a tonic!! I feel healthier already, one a day to keep the doctor away!!!!!

The hose to the toilet broke today and water was pouring out everywhere, i had a fun time mopping it all up, it tripped the power and after JJ & Darren (engineer here) reset it i promptly got a shock while trying to turn the power on, apprenetly the beas are steel. Mental note to myself, don't turn lights on after walls, roof and electical ceiling fans and lights got wet!!!! Bit sore through arm and shoulder, hair a bit curlier but no major halm done xx

May & Sam on the verandah enjoying the view and morning tea of fresh orange cake and tea!!


  1. Tried to ring today Will try again tomorrow ♥

  2. A sad statement from me. As I am addicted to survival programs I have learnt that drinking from green coconuts are very good source of fluid. But to much can have opposite effect and you can get the runs.... So little no and then is good. (just some unnecessary information) Don't think I could live for long like that. I love milk and cheese and fresh fruit to much. I wouldn't be very good at home schooling either. Couldn't cope. (bad mamma) But I could consider diving there and go for a run on the beach. xx