Friday, 20 January 2012


Last night it poured with rain, great excitment as it has not rained for months, quite unusual for Kiribati. Not enough to replenish the tanks but a really good soaking for the gardens and to settle the dust. It is humid with the cloud cover but the wind has sprung up to a good 25 knots so it is keeping it pleasant for now.

The bread is on and put in just a shade less water and yeast to see if I can get a better loaf this time, hehe plenty of time to perfect it and the boys aren't complaining....yet!!

some local kids, the suitcase is 'the buggy'. Behind them is a pig pen, every family owns pigs to be butchered only when they are big (butchering small piggies is taboo)

Went to the 'Captain's Bar', the place to go on a Friday arvo for a beer.I felt like I was back at TI pistol club, getting further and further behind as the rounds piled up!! Think I have lost my ability to throw back a XXXX & keep up with the others, only one thing to do - PRACTICE!!!!

Made pizzas tonight, 1st time making the dough in the breadmaker. It was ok, bless my boys for loving everything I put infront (well the big & smallest that is). I have 3 years to perfect it, hehe.

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