Friday, 27 January 2012

Happy Australia Day!

So here we are!!!! Australia Day in the most reomte part of the world. We had an aussie morning tea of piklets, jam and cream (uht) & Lamingtons. May was most impressed!
JJ was home as it is a public holiday in Oz, not here but hey we are Aussies!!!!!
Flew the Aussie  & Boxing kangeroo flag off our balcony.

Attended the Australia Day function at Austrlia House, noice! Again forgot my camera - bad move! The traditional dancing was AMAZING, the i-kiribati people have beautiful voices and I want to learn to shake my hips as the i-kiribati women do !!! Dancing was amazing!!!!

I got 'garlanded' apparently commen but i was very humbled as a beautiful young i-kiribati women garland me!

so anyway JJ & I got 'frocked up' and had a great night!! (I am not sure how I have managed to lose my make-up bag, but sorry Liv but went out without mascara!!)

so here we are, froked up and ready to go! It was a great night and and Australia Day to remember

Happy Austrlia Day :0)


  1. so Glad you had a good Australia day Aussies rock where ever we are You looked gorgeous like that frock Mwaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Great photos Jodie, love the headpiece - they have such talent to make these with flowers.