Saturday, 28 January 2012

Tennis anyone?

woohoo, JJ & I had our first hit of tennis since August, when sea time and wisdom teeth extraction got in the way!!!!
The court has seen better days but it is good enough for us beginners. It felt good to finally get back into it and we'll do it again tomorrow (even though I'll be as stiff as!!), also did 2 km on the bike in the gym, can't work out the treadmill but the bike and rowing machine and cross trainer should keep me amused. I also bought over my fitball so I'll pump that up to do some weights. It is nice to feel the heart rate rise again!!

A beautiful day here, gentle breeze, loads of sun, a pool arvo methinks!!

The weather over the last week has been mixed and with some glorious rain we have full tanks again!! The vege patch soil has been turned and got a good drink, ready for some seeds!

Made my second pizza from scratch last night, a few issues with getting the dough on the pizza stone but will get it happening soon, it tasted ok, just looks a bit dodgy!!

Well off to feed Sam who is getting more imsptient by the minute, catch you later, enjoy your Saturday....


  1. Enjoy your day Pool sounds good overcast and humid here I may even have a hit of tennis when i get over there ♥

  2. The big news booked the flights for Fay and Al Joan and Ron to come up her in July and then got $95 air fares to spend a couple of nights in Cairns with them We are having a camping weekend should be fun Fay has never camped lol and of course the trip to the tip Ronald hasn't been there I am a wee bit excited although it will be chaos can you imagine it Bet you can busy laughing fun ♥♥