Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Random photos

Driving over the causeway that links Batio to Biriki. The lagoon on the left, the Pacific ocean on the right!

the local coppers, everyone crams into where ever they can fit in a car & utes are the prefered vehicle!! Speed limit is 40 kph on the island and 60 kph on the causeways! (Unless your a bus driver who feels it is his duty to go as fast as minivan will go - deadly!!)

My 1st attempt at home made pizza, dough done in breadmaker and managed to find some left over chorizio sausage and a rather sad capsicum, 3/4 was rotten but the 1/4 that made it onto the pizza was yummo!!

Jack was determined to take my photo!!! Very squally day here today with quite a few rain fronts coming through!!

Shopping in Moel's is mainly canned and dry goods....OMG what to choose!!!!!!!!

The boys chilling before lunch and a swim :0)


  1. OMG that pic looks like Sam has grown 6" wow

    1. he does look really long in it!!