Sunday, 15 January 2012

First Impressions

Jack standing on our balcony, just off the dining room that over looks the lagoon.

We arrived in Kiribati on Tuesday after departing Sydney on Monday the 9th of January. We arrived into Nadi, Fiji to overnight before catching our flight to Kiribati the next day.

Fiji to Kiribati was another 3 1/2 hour flight. Flying over the island is a beautiful experience. The nation of Kiribati is made up of many sandy atolls and they all curl around the lagoon, which is similar to the brilliant blue water of the Torres Strait. The four mail atolls are linked by causeways and we are based on the bottom atoll of Betio. (pronounced Base-oh!)

The Defence compound consists of 3 houses, all fairly identical in size and layout. Four bedrooms upstairs and a guestroom downstairs, along with a storeroom and garage. The houses are built to our standards and are very comfortable. The boys are so much happier to have a room to themselves and loads upon loads of room to run around in and sread their toys out.

The compound boasts a swimming pool (only 3 on the island, us , the Australian High Commission and the New Zealand High Commission) and a tennis court. A disused vege garden and 3 compost bins. Once there were chooks so we'll re-instate them (Eggs are 60 cents each!) So all in all we are very comfortable and happy with our new home.

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