Monday, 23 January 2012

Ideas on keeping chooks!!

We are hoping to build a coop and keep some chooks!!! Eggs average 60 cents each and can sometimes be as high as $1 each!

I have never kept chooks before so need advice on housing, feeding and how many to keep, Jack doesn't want a rooster incase it pecks him!!!

The compound is surrounded by a high chain link fence and it is all sand, very little native grasses. Do I need to get some chook pellets in or are table scraps enough, I gather the chooks we see around the island get a few scraps and scavenge as the majority of table scraps go to fattening the pigs here!!! Please leave me your advice, as it will be greatly appreciated.......


  1. If you want them to lay some layers pellets to supplement there scraps grass and vegies make for bright yellow eggs They need a house with something to roost ion a perch and boxes to lay in They are cunning and will lay everywhere so you can't find the eggs so better to keep them locked in until they lay let them out later in the morning Google dr Harry think he did a keeping chooks thing or google chook house Mine used to roost in the outside dunny with roosts put in it Good Luck

    1. hehe, i remember your 'girls'!! Do we need a rooster?

  2. No need for a rooster unless you want little chickens Then you let the hen go clucky and sit on eggs They will go clucky with out a rooster just keep collecting the eggs ♥

  3. Have fun Jodie. I remember having Chickens as a kid and loved collecting the eggs from all over the yard - nothing better than fresh eggs. There is a good blog called which has heaps of info. Are they only for eggs or will there be a few roast dinners down the track.