Thursday, 9 February 2012

The guest room is revealed.........

So another busy week has nearly ended!! Not sure where the time goes! Sam decided not to sleep this mornig so Jack and I were unable to do any school work. But when Sam does sleep we are fitting it in. Jack is quite enjoying it and I am enjoying rhe one-on-one time with my eldest son.

Defence have decided JJ really must be in Perth next week, so good for my shopping list, JJ's parents and that's about it. I just hope he is home on the 20th for Jack's birthday or it'll be a very sad day indeed!

A busy day with Meei today, I started my 'Gilbertese' language lesson, holey moley I am hopeless!!! and we dressed the guest suite, so drum roll please.......


                                                                 After who is our first visitor????? Meei & I think we will use it when we have had enough of our families as it has its own tv (no reception, just dvds!!), a fridge with tea/coffee & drinks. JJ suggested we charge for the drinks, that is when Meei and I chucked him out of the room!!! Oh did I tell you about my 'nong' of a husband.....after asking 3 seperate times to not slam the coconuts between my two precious wooden chopping boards (can't get wooden on the island!) guess who broke my 'meat' board in half, yep JJ!!!! So he got a lesson from Meei on how to open and de-meat the coconut with a knife (yes a blunt one too!!)

So back to the guest room! It has been fully repainted (thank you JJ!!), cleaned to within an inch of its life (thank you Meei!). You might ask what I have done!! I did attempt to do the painting but it ment JJ watching the boys and preparing meals, I lucked out and he painted!! But I had the fore-site to bring nice linen and mastermind the whole reno!!!!

On Saturday there is a craftsman sale at the high commission so I shall go and hopefully buy a nice mat and baskets to jazz up the room even more!

Today we got in a quick hit of tennis and yesterday I got to get into the little gym finally and had a good walk on the treadmill for 1/2 hour, a short time on the cross trainer and rowing machine too. Methinks I will need HOURS in the gym to negate all these carbs and wine I am consuming. However with my music I did manage to work of the anger I felt towards JJ for breaking my chopping board!! (and yes he will replace it while in Oz!) At least I am getting some exercise in!

Mail bag arrived today and a leter from my dearest Liv, bills, bills and more bills (they finally tracked us down from Darwin!!, thanks Dad!) and a parcel from Mum with lollies for the boys!!! Jack was in heaven as Sam was alseep and Jack got to them 1st, lol!! Magazines for me, bliss.

Well I am off to bed with a women's day - noice....................

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  1. The spare room look awesome just like I'd expect from you Carolyn taught you well Sent the seeds now to see of they go through customs I had to write seeds on them here's hoping I got the star wars clone thingies and they are express posting to me so should be here about Tuesday and I will send them on direct to you so should fingers crossed get there in time ;) I have no idea what I got but I did remember a few names of the one's he had in Cairns It's also confusing better let me know what Sam wants now lol Have a great weekend keep blogging I love them and you ♥♥