Thursday, 23 February 2012

Is it Thursday ALREADY?????

Wow, so I haven't had internet for days. Turns out JJ forgot to pay the bill. You have to go to the internet shop and pay cash each month. I am getting used to carrying cash again, the only way things are done here, no efpos or cc here!!

JJ arrived home 2 days late due to the cancellation of his flight, quite normal for air pacific!! He spent his time languishing in a nice hotel in Nadi, Fiji!!

His home coming was exciting as the flight meant a Dip bag and JJ's suitcase was off course full of goodies that we had requested and too his credit JJ had gor nearly everything on the list!! Two dip bags arrived on his flight so another load of goodies arrived, pressies for Jack, letters for me, dvds for the boys, books for me and magazines for me, how exciting!!!!

One of the letters was from Qantas for Jack, seems at 5 years of age he has obtained 'Silver' frequent fligher status!!! I haven't got it but Jack has!!! I am most amused.

Thank you Livvy for my letters and bits and bobs, I am most spoilt. Thank you too to mum and Tracie for my parcels of reading material, most appreciated as no where on the island could I go and buy an paper or magazine. Reading material is most exciting, I also got the 3 novels I had ordered from Book Depository.

I am so excited that both Mum and Jill are coming to visit. I can't wait to have them here and show them Kiribati & our compound and home!! Jack is so excited to have his 'Guy' sharing his room. If the GG decides to go on to Tuvalu in her smaller jet then we shall recieve a meat order, great for visitors as they'll get more than chicken or mince!!! I am so excited to think we might get meat from a decent butcher I swear I am happy to spend $1000!!!!!! As it is cryovaced it'll last for ages.

The GG arrives on the 28th March for one night and two days, that should be exciting, we are having the RAAF Group Captain stay in our little guest room. Thanks to Livvy I shall have him write in my guest book!! Shame the GG isn't staying or visiting our little compound but I  hope to meet her at the State dinner, a very exciting interlude in our little lives!!

Well as I am typing more mistakes than not I shall sign off, enjoy a cup of Daintree (low Caffine tea) and go to bed, bliss


Good night all

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