Friday, 3 February 2012

Oh the excitment....

A busy day yesterday, payday!!!! Moels here we come and what a good day to shop!! Fresh tomatoes, capsicum, carrots, celery, grapes, potatoes and avacados. How very exciting!!!

Yummy dinner full of fresh veges! Tonight pizzas with loads of capsicum, olives and tomatoes.

Been getting a few good recipes off Last night Spanish chicken with rice and I was able to add the capsicum and onions!! It was really good. As I had defrosted 2kg chicken bits (how it comes) I also made chicken tagine with dates, carrots and honey, into the freezer for next week, served with cous cous it smelt pretty good.

JJ has finished painting our guest room, just the ensuite to go, it looks fab!!! I am so excited to get the room dressed so guests can stay.

Looks like JJ won't be going to Perth for court. They have left booking flights to late and he can't get off as the two flights between now and court are full!! Oh well my list will have to wait till next time .....

Had a lovely morning at Andy's house, the boys played with Andy's dogs and had a delish morning tea of cupcakes!! (My girth is expanding I swear!!)

Meei, our house keper bought me frangipani pieces so we dug 10 holes and James filled them with compost!! Jack and I are on watering duties until they establish, we love frangipanis and there is not one in our compound!!!

Well best go and prepare my pizza dough and have another go at getting a decent round base, I am struggling with it a bit, gotta lern to work the dough properly i guess!!

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