Friday, 2 March 2012

End of the week already??

I am not sure if it has been a long or short week!! I know that Sam got a cold on Monday and Jack and I developed ours Wednesday. So in that repect it has been a long week with poorly children.

JJ meet some Australian Federal Police who are over on business and invited them for a drink on Wednesday arvo. It was nice to met new people and some interesting conversations. The Australian High Commissioner and his wife are coming for lunch tomorrow and now too are the thee AFP chaps so I have spent today cooking in preperation. It is quite interesting planning a BBQ without a green salad of some kind. I think I shall put on a respectable spread with home made Tzaziki dip, tandoori chicken, prawns(to be decided on how to cook them!), fried rice, potato salad, a coleslaw and a chocolate slice with rapberry mousse!!

It has rained on and off all day (good for my vegie garden and the tanks) which means tomorrow we could be sitting inside, definately not the intended plan!! JJ after a lovely long lunch at the NZ High Commission has tottled of to the pub (working drinks apparently!!) Too wet for us so I think I shall colour my hair tonight and have another night as I am feeling quite poorly.

The guest room is stocked and set for JJ's boss to arrive on Monday. He and his assistant are here until Thursday when they all fligh out, including JJ as he has been told to give evidence at another court case, this time in Brisbane. Apparently he is flying home on the Monday flight so will only be gone the 5 days!! (Unless Monday's flight is cancelled yet again and he sits in a flash hotel in Nadi until the Thursday!!)

So next week is shaping up to be another busy one!! I still haven't started formally schooling Jack, can't seem to find the time!! I got to the gym once this week, will have to make some serious changes to my time management, hehe!!!!!

till next

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