Friday, 23 March 2012


Another busy week has disappeared!! Q busy week of not much housework but loads of gardening and outdoor jobs. The squash have loads of flower buds!! So exciting we may get some fruit yet!!! The tomato plants are looking healthy and a few bean plants have shot up. The Zucchini & Capsicum plants are looking good too.

The pool is finally swimmable so we have been in every afternoon, a good tool to tire the boys out!! With the shade cloth over it, sun exposure is low so a nice place to be. The wind has dropped in the last few days and the days are now much hotter without the breeze, I have even had to turn on the overhead fans!

Well the meat shortage on the island continues. Only chicken left, pieces, boned thighs & drumsticks!! I boned a head of thighs this week and am proud to say be the end of yesterday I was turning out some decent looking boned thighs with not much left on the bone!!!! Very exciting, at least I can do so much more with boned thighs!! JJ is just going to have to eat fish, we are going to get very sick of chicken, as the next boat is not due for one month!!! Our exciting meat order we put in and RAAF were going to bring it over on the GG's little plane did not eventuate as some office wallah decided he wouldn't allow an empty plane with a willing crew to bring it, pretty disappointing, I would love his phone number!!!!

The GG's visit is now cut short due to the funeral of the King of Tonga. Instead of arriving and staying overnight the GG and her party will only be on Kiribati for the Wednesday! So probably won't get to see her now, a shame I was looking forward to going to state House to meat her and enjoy the i-Kiribati singing and dancing troupe.

I mentioned to Meei that one of our coconut palms that was hanging, leaden with nuts over our house at a very precarious angle needed to be removed. Meei said the prisoners will remove it for nothing so JJ mentioned it to John the OIC of the patrol boat and now the tree is gone!!!! Well we had a lovely time cleaning up the coconuts and drinking moimotos (green coconut)

...........................................................Sam sucking the water out of his moimoto.................................

.....................................................James husking & opening our moimotos.........................................

.....Jack & Meei's son Philip enjoy a well earned moimoto after cleaning up all the mess........

......relaxing with a wine at our newly made "Caw Sands Bar", a fine place to sit back and soak up the ambiance of island living!! As you can see after the hard work clearing moimotos we jumped in the pool of a cool off & now here we are at the bar!...

While I write this Sam has come in with a dummy in, clutching his skunk and pointing to his room, I guess that is his way of telling me that he is ready for a nap and Jack is wanting some morning tea. I'd better go and do something with these boned thighs and finish off the bread for rolls.

Till next time, take care and "Ti a bo Moa" (pronounced Sabor moa....see you soon)


  1. WOW can't get over Sam he seems to have shot up Looks like chicken chicken and more chicken :( I'll have to find some good old fashioned cookbooks They don't have all the fancy ingredients lol!! Ideal for Island life I cooked a mangrove Jack last night baked in the oven and last weekend did a cray fish in lime butter pretty yummy if I do say so myself and cooked to perfection especially for painted cray
    It was wonderful talking to you this morning Now I'd best pay the BLA account and do the banking I sent this address on FB seems to explain green manure fairly well
    Have a wonderful weekend Love you ♥

  2. It was great talking to you too, it is so nice to be able to have a big chat again. Will look at the blog, my seeds in the egg cartons are popping up like mad!! Thought I'd plant the green manure tomorrow. Hope you get out to the camp tomorrow xx