Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Vegie garden magic!!

So, so exciting!! The squash have sprouted/ germinated?? Well there is green, 3 leaves on each little plant, it is so exciting and heartening to see green appearing!! The weather has been perfect for germination, warm with intermittent rain showers. Who knows if we shall see any vegetables growing on our plants but there is a certain satisfaction in knowing I planted the little seeds and at least I can get some growth!!

Asked Meei to start an hour earlier every day so I can go to the gym for at least 1/2 hour. Worked really well this morning, only got through a 1/2 walk/run and felt dizzy probably due to still having the tail end of my cold. I even got a nice shower, exfoliate in so felt really pampered!! Mum how do you get the almond oil to flow in the cuticle pen from the body shop? I can't get mine to work!!!!

Cooked Lamb shanks last night, I thought they needed Frenching so had a funny time trying to do it, after googling it, the Internet was too slow for a you tube demo so tried by reading instructions. I am definitely a visual learner!!!!! They looked butchered alright, lol! Tasted alright!! Tonight is a roast pork, thanks to Darren's last meat order we are having some variety for a change. Tomorrow drinks here so will cook up all the breadfruit Meei bought over as chips, they do go down a treat with a drink in hand!! Will take photos of us eating breadfruit chips standing at our 'balcony bar!'

Yesterday was Kiribati public holiday for International Women's Day. Meei bought her second youngest son Philip to play. Jack had a lovely time (bossing him about!!) Even through Philip is 10 yrs old both boys enjoyed each others company. Sam enjoyed it too. We are looking forward to observing 'National Coconut Day' in August, we think it is important we take a public holiday to support our host nation!!!!

It's busy days while JJ's boss is here as I am catering for all, drinks here tomorrow night, JJ flights out on Thursday morning with his boss......so until then xx

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