Saturday, 31 March 2012

Busy Week

...what a busy week it has been with the Governer-General's visit and various projects around the compound....

JJ is downstairs now building the chook house. I told him I want it ready for chooks before Easter as he leaves Easter Monday for a fortnight in Honiara for work. He arrives back on the island on the same flight as Mum and Jill. So the coop is under construction.

The vegie garden grows more exciting each day as more yellow flowers appear on the squash and the zuchinni starts to show flower buds. The tomoatoes are growing big and ready to be transplated into the vegie garden. Most of our egg cups have germinated and some are also ready to go into the garden. My bed of 'green manure' is sprouting madly. The corn is geting bigger and the capsicum too.

The pool after much intensive labour now finally resembles a normal pool and we are enjoying afternoon swims nearly every day. The boys love it. The pool maneaba is tidied up and the place is starting to look loved again.

A plan that was hatched by Darren and Chris to move our fence line closer to the high tide mark was approved. So Darren is busy out side the gate laying the foundations to another manaeba. This one will be so closed to the water with a view that will allow you to see from the warf at Betio all the way to North Tarawa. The vista is truely beautful and Darren plans to have at least the deck done by the time Mum & Jill arrive. The fence should be in progress by then too. It will give us so much more room, a really long flat patch for the boys to kick the ball, backyard cricket etc.

We are off to a 'pool party' at the NZ High Commissioners residence this arvo. Jack and i made little chocolate cupcakes yesterday for the kids and a brown slice for the adults. Today I have made lovely little crusty white rolls in the breadmaker, the second dozen are in now!! There are so many more 'imatang' (white) families here now so we are getting together for the kids today. No kids Jack and Sams exact age but the social interaction is nice as nearly all the kids are under 10 years, bar two girls!

Right off to fold my washing and tidy the house before packing the esky (chilly bin for you kiwis!!) and a swimming bag

Pgotos tomorrow, enjoy your Saturday where ever you are, mwah

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