Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all. Well our Easter weekend has been much busier than anticipated! Mum & Dad Williams you will be happy to know that JJ did not eat meat on Good Friday and actually ate some tinned Salmon! The fishing comp was on Saturday and off course I got a huge amount of fresh Wahoo & Yellow-finned Tuna (too late for Good Friday!! But good for next week!!)

We had a busy day on Good Friday with JJ finishing up jobs before he flighs out tomorrow for two weeks. The chicken coop i finished and the vegie garden is completely fenced off with chicken wire and lattice so I can still get in to potter. The vegie garden continues to flower (only male thus far!) and the zuchinni plants look huge and strong and now have flower buds too! I transplanted tomatoes and beans from their seedling cups and all look well. I thinned out squash but the moved ones are looking very sad, anyway I am disappointed but as this is a new caper i am still learning, it is all trial and error!!!!!

On Saturday we hosted a BBQ at our Maneaba by the pool. All our compound residents attended and our fabulous friend from the NZ High Commission. It was so great to see the kids frolicking in our crystal clear pool (most of the adults took a dip too!) The food and conversation was fab and time for weigh-in came about all to soon. We all adjourned to the "Captain's Bar" to watch the weighing in of fish from the days fishing comp. Some of the fish were HUGE!!! Hence the large amount now freezing in my freezer and since JJ is away fish is definately on the menu!!

Today the Easter Bunny delegated his duties to the "Easter Crab" and boy what a good job he did!! Jack woke at 6am eager for his eggs. Thank goodness for Mum & Dad Williams eggs delivered whole a few weeks ago or there would have been many tears!!!! So 'EB' left two kinder surprises each for the boys and then at 9am we went downstairs for an Easter hunt with the NZ High Comm kids. I don't think I have seen so much chocolate in such a small area - wow!! Sam cottoned on to the idea of a hunt and had a lovely time placing eggs in his egg carton, very cute to watch (with his shoes on back to front too!) The kids had a ball and while parents enjoyed a coffee up stairs the kids hoovered chocolate at a great rate of knots, not sure where Sam's stash was but I think he gobbled up at least 12 eggs!!

Considering the chocolate intake Sam slept for a few hours, woke and ate lunch and we all spent a lovely afternoon at the pool. A lovely way to finish a great day (not to mention allowing the kids to burn of all that sugar energy!!)

JJ is off tomorrow for 2 weeks and returns with Mum and Jill in tow - -how EXCITING, so we shall be spending the next weeks busy in preperation

Happy Easter.........

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