Friday, 20 April 2012

The Simplist things in life..... we decided to have a BBQ, Darren, Marianna, myself & the boys but it was quite windy so we moved to my place. I had made some breadrolls and Darren made some rissoles outof, well we are not sure but it certainly wasn't mince!!!! Marianna bought some eggplant, rocket and an apple cucumber from her island garden. I supplied the onions and tomatoes and what did we get, the MOST amazing hamburgers stuffed full of tasty vegies!!! OMG you have NO idea how awesome they were. We sat there sighing and ooohing over a humble hamburger!! It was so funny really.

Last week three different ships came in, so we are still seeing the contents being unloaded as the port was just overwelmed with all the work, today we found cheese, block and sliced, sour cream, fresh cream and philly cheese, I was so excited I thought I might cry, I haven't seen these products since leaving home!!!! Mind you no vegies or white sugar to be found, oh well maybe Monday when we go up the island to the airport, there are a few good shops on the way.

The 10 chooks are doing well. They are all brown with varying degrees of white. There is only one with more white than brown and I have called her Matilda and she is my chook.....only cause I will definately recognise her!!!!!! I love sitting and watching them, they are so inquisative. I try and take them tit-bits at least 3 times a day so they get used to me and my white bucket, the idea being they'll come running when I want to lock them up because they'll know there is a treat in my bucket!! Good theory, await the practice!!!!

Well 3 sleeps till JJ, Mum & Jill arrive, we are all in varying degrees of excitment. Our first real visitors (sorry the DA does't cut it!) Meei and I have scrubbed and cleaned like women posessed. I am exhausted but in that really satisfied way! So with a full fridge and a full wine fridge I am ready to enjoy the next few weeks. I'll apologise in advance if I don't get online to update my blog!!!
To make the time pass on the weekend I am going to make some dips and meals and baking so I can really relax. It is so exciting to have some dairy products without having to make everything on a base of home made nautral yoghurt, I really won't know myself!!!

Until next time.....:0)

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  1. On the train on my way home and have caught myself up on your last few posts! I absolutely love reading about your life over there! Do you know if there is a way I can get a notification when you post a new blog? Say hi to jack and Sam for me! Xoxo