Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The chooks arrive....

We took the plunge and drove all the way up the island (1 hour) to find the chook farm. Thank goodness we took Meei!!! It was a squash but lucky we did cause we would have gone the wrong way..

The chook/pig farm was really well run, clean pens and the chooks were all seperated by their age. Every age between one week and 8 weeks, of course the boys wanted the chicks!! No way, I am not waiting 18 weeks for eegs!! At least by getting the 8 week pullets we only have 10 weeks till they start to lay. Give them time to get used to 2 very enthusiastic boys!!! We bought home 6 but have decided while Darren is up at the airport n Thursday that he will get another 4. Decided we'll need at least 10 to give enough eggs for the 3 houses and 2 staff!!!

not a great photo but the girls settling in.........

till next time :0)

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