Tuesday, 10 April 2012

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 Sam on his Eater hunt, it didn't take him long to work out to pick up the eggs and into his egg carton!

 How to wear off all that chocolate egg energy? Swimming!!! So exhasted they were in bed by 7pm!

Flowers, flowers galore in the vegie garden, flowers on the sqaush, zuchinni, new ones on the cucumber and tomatoes!!! So I decided it was time to plant some more into egg cartons and this time I have used a surplus of 'tonge depressors' to write in permenant ink what the seed is!!!! (I am sure Kiribati hospital and clinic could put the tonge depressors to a better use but oh well!! I am so excited about my vegies, I am feeling a real sense of achievement with all that green and the flowers, now to just get some pollination happening and we might get some vegies, woohoo.

JJ is in Honiara and all is well his end. I managed to break the pool filter (well it was already broken and has a temporary pump rigged up while we wait for the proper water pumps to be air-freighted in) Was so mad cause I lost alot of water and even more filling it up with tank water but thankfully the heavens opened up last night with our first storm with thunder and lightening and the tanks are now all full again.

A new family that arrived one month ago with two kids aged 7 & 9 years found themselves with very sick children over Easter, so bad they have been in Kiribati hospital, not a place you want to be, so we have spent a few days trying to help them out, taking up food and any drugs we can spare. The hospital can not provide meals, beds, linen or any comforts really, the toilets are over full and animals wander through the ward. As the kids are getting worse (Arky collapsed with high fever on his way here to stay with me while big sister was on fluid therapy!) I encouraged them very strongly to ring their medical insurance and get out. With only 3 flights out a week they have got on tomorrows flight to Brisbane so we are going up to the airport to farewell them then drop in to all the various shops on the way home, an exciting prospect believe me!!!!!! It does remind me however of our isolation and how lucky we are to be in a compound with good fresh water and flushing toilets and 'normal' sanitation unlike the villages that our friends are residing in. We are also incredibly lucky because defence will charter a flight to medivac us out if I deem it necessary.

Right on that note I am off to put these boys to bed so I can realax with a movie before having an early night, till next time......xoxoxoxo

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