Sunday, 15 April 2012

Busy, Busy week!!!!

What a busy, busy week!! JJ goes away and it it mayhem!! We took a run up to the airport to make sure an Aussie family with very sick kids got away ok. Then a spot of shopping on the way home. Not much about as everyone was awaiting the arrival of the boat!! We'll try again next Monday when we pick up JJ, Mum & Jill, nothing like breaking Mum & Jill into the shopping experiences of Kiribati!!

That evening the power keep tripping in the house, so Darren madly worked to change out the water pump that seemed to be the problem, before the impending darkness, only to discover that was not it!!! So with most of the house turned off at the fuse box I had a very quiet night with just Air Con, TV & lights. Not to bad considering.
Next morning the electricians from Kiribati Institue of Tafe arrived to go over the house to see what was causing the problems, and that is what it remains, a problem that no one can work out. Everything is working again - weird!

Darren has worked hard all week finishing 'his' part of our new beachside Maneaba! Last night we christened with drinks too many!!

Darren & Jack enjoying our view

Jack & Sam playing with the neighbours kids on the beach, the tide is heading out

Jack & Sam kicking back in their 'nest' whilst watching a dvd

Sam showing me how brekky ought to be eaten

I love the casual way he lolls about while on his phone (pretend of course!!)

Well that is it for now, next update should have photos of chooks! We are hoping to pick them up either Tuesday or thursday. And of course a busily exciting week getting ready for Mum, Jill & JJ - how EXCITING!!

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