Friday, 4 May 2012


yes, yes I am a little late, blame Mum!!!!!

As usual anywhere in the expat world anything associated with Australia seems to be bigger when you are away. Throw the NZ guys into the mix and it is huge.

Dawn service was conducted at the Coast Watchers in Betio over looking the sea. JJ was the Australian Defence representative and lay a wreath. Jack was also invited to lay a wreath on behalf of the children of the ANZACs, he lay it with Tia, the NZHC 1st secretary's daughter, it bought more than a lump in my throat!! It was a very proud moment.

The Police Brass band played and although our dear bugle player found the last post a little difficult, it was the most beautiful sound we had heard!!

We moved to the Maneaba at the NZHC to enjoy a lovely gunfire breakfast of all foods imaginable. The best would have been the bacon imported from NZ, real tasting bacon, not the type imported from Fiji where the pigs are feed copra and the meat has a terrible gamey taste!!

It was all wrapped up by mid morning, time to head back to our pool for a cool off and a lazy day spent by all due to our early morning start.