Thursday, 10 May 2012


Jack and I decided to put up the tent yesterday afternoon for some thing to do. Jack then decided a sleep over would be perfect, just like he had done with Campbell and Callum in Darwin (just our tent was outside and quite exposed!!)

So Jack and I lugged matresses and linen out and at the appointed time said goodnight and headed out to our camp. We hunted hermit crabs and found 14, we turned off our touches and looked at the stars, we read a few story books by lamplight, then we snuggled down in our beds to sleep. However the weather was against us and it blew up a storm!! The wind woke me at 10pm, the whole tent was shuddering, all of a sudden it BUCKETED down and my feet were wet!! I scurried around a sleeping Jack to pack up and rush everything to cover. I then carried Jack (who wouldn't wake up, no matter how hard I shook him!!) into his own bed and finished securing the tent, as I was sure it must be blown away!! I returned home and changed out of my sopping clothes, JJ woke, mocked me for our foolhardy idea and rolled back over to snoring and sleep!!!

Jack woke this morning and with hands on hips demanded to know why he had not woken in his tent!!!!!.....................yes we WILL camp again JJ!!!!!! (It just might mean that my dear little tent I purchased 20 odd years ago will be pitched undercover of the verandah!!!)

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  1. OMG it sounds as though the weather has really changed since we came home. I can imagine Jack being indignant at waking up in his own bed. Just not camping!!! Mum xx