Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Introducing our new puppy....Chummy!! He is a black camp dog, 6 weeks old and cute. He is very well behaved and the boys adore him, Sam won't leave him alone. He was very quiet last night and tonight I think too exhausted to even sit upright!!!!!!

just had a bath, full of ticks.....looking for frontline online!!

a few more photos...

Jack and Sam having giggles in bed, I am trying to read to them......aaargh

Someone crept in to say good morning, a bigger person thought it would be funny to wake me with the flash!!!

Ummm, someone found my talcum powder...............I was laughing so much there was no way I could tell him off!!

Sam loves stripping off and jumping in the bath to help Meei clean it!!!! Weird.

We have had so much rain over the last few days that my vegie garden has dissolved in a puff of powdery mildew and not sure if it is to do with the weather but I have weevils in EVERYTHING!!! JJ bought a 25kg bag of flour, chock a block full of weevils in every life stage - yuk, even sifting doen't help much, so extra protien for us for a while!! At least the  flour is stored in the freezer so they are dead!! Tonight cooking rice I noticed a few adult weevils so the rice has gone straight into the freezer too!!! Bluurgh......If my chooks don't lay eggs I'll be right cranky as I watch everything fall apart around me, so much for being self sufficient.

Right as it has taken hours to download photos (in amongst talking to Mum!!) I am now thoroughly ready for bed so goodnight my lovelies



  1. He is sooo beautiful. Chummy I mean!! Just lovely for Jack and Sam, I am sure they will love him. I will try to get those things for you from the Vet.
    Boys looking great too!
    Love Mum. xx

  2. Beautiful photos jack told me all about Chummy yesterday when I rang 15 minutes later i found out you went out for lunch Dont worry about the mildew just keep going it will work out sooner or later the joys of the tropics I just planted a whole heap of seeds too It is still raining here too weird for May My wongai tree is in full fruit and nearly ripe so much for wongai rains they will be washed off the tree lol Poor old Hectic has an abscess on his cheek on antibiotics looks very funny not in any pain though If you need stuff for Chummy I can get a fair whack on line and I am taking Hazard and Honey down in August so will be seeing the vet too Hope you are feeling better Any idea what you want for your birthday gift yet still looking
    Take Care Love to you all ♥♥♥

  3. HELLO!!!!!!!!!

    Well we have finnally gotten a decent internet connection on the home computer (many issues with the phone line at home) and it was lovely to be able to catch up on all the blog entries I missed. It is so amazing to be able to keep up with everything that has been going on and to see all the pictures of you guys.

    My work has finally resolved the supplier issues with LaCrosse and we have gotten some more rain gauges in. I have one in a box
    and ready to be posted...very sorry for the delay :). I do have some room left in the box so if there is anything you need posted to you from Oz let me know and I will chuck it in for you.

    It was great to talk to Dad and the boys. Same had plenty to tell me about!!!!

    Hope you guys are still having a ball over there!!!!

    Lots and lots and lots of love to all of you