Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Visit to Obar

Obar Island, our destination for the night!! It took us 2 hours to travel across the lagoon, into the Pacific and into Abaiang's Lagoon to arrive (all in a little open dinghy with a 40 hp!!)

Lunch!!! Tuna caught on the long line - yummo!!

Mum in her bure, a thatched hut of Pandanus, set right on the waters edge. Comfy beds and no mozzies!! Bliss

My afternoon siesta was in the hammock, my magazine lay unread, I was too distracted by the view!

We spent a lazy afternoon swimming and relaxing, chatting and just doing what childless people do!!

Sunset over the neighbouring island, again right on the waters edge we enjoyed a lovely dinner of chicken & rice.
A warm night with not much breeze so all passed a restless night in our bures (but the beds were comfy!)

An early morning swim whilst our lovely ladies prepared a yummy brekky of eggs, breadfruit patties & chips and toast. All good and a first for Mum & Jill to eat Breadfruit! Breadfruit is grown throughout the Pacific and caused the mutiny on the Bounty!! It was originally used to feed the black birders slaves throughout the Pacific.

We headed of to the neighbouring little atoll so the men could climb the coconut palm so again Mum & Jill could have a first experience of 'moimoto', green coconut, my favorite as it is so refreshing.

a perfect, perfect day to go serching for moimoto!!!! Oh & a lovely swim too!!

Mum & Jill borrowed the i-kiribati chaps hats, the water was so crystal clear and warm too.

All too soon it was time to head back to Betio. We were already an hour late but it was so easy to be running on island time withh such beautiful surrounds

Ti Bo

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