Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mum & Jills' visit

It seems so long ago now and I have been so slack with updating, my apologies. It has been extremely busy, the island way!! Mum & Jills' visit went all to quicly, we achieved so much in our short time and I think both Jill & Mum enoyed their time here.

Of course the day of arrival was all excitement as not only Mum & Jill were arriving but JJ was coming home too!! Unpacking was great fun, loads of exciting deliveries from Oz, it was quite over whelming!! The boys were in their element with all the attention from the new arrivals.

We spent loads of time at the pool, swimming ,chilling out and I even managed to throw together a very 'tropical' G & T!!!!!!

We attended ANZAC day, drove up the island to show them the local sites and of course grocery shopped on the way!!

Jill spoilt me rotten by cooking a good many nights and it was I admit bliss not to have to cook or plan a menu!!

I was so thoroughly spoilt for my birthday. Jill & Mum decorated the lounge with banners and balloons and I got so many presents it was insane. Mum & Jill wouldn't let me lift a figer all day, it was bliss. JJ surprised me with a massive cake and dinner of a pork roast with all the trimmings was sensational.

We went up to Captain's Bar on the Friday for a drink, I think Mum & Jill were determined to find something other than beer to drink!! They were told there was white wine but it hadn't been chilled, there were spirits but no mixers so beer it was!! (I think Jill was quite horrified when the next round was plonked down in front of her, then the next....). Needless to say we stayed only for one drink then made a beeline home for a cold G&T and chilled wine!!

It was nice to relax and have some help and company too. The time went all to quickly. It was so marvellous to have them both here, perfect house guests.

I hope it heralds the begining of many visitors to our island home of Kiribati!!!

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  1. You have described out time with perfectly. Hope you enjoyed having us as much as we loved being with you especially for your very special birthday. You are a great host. Mum xx