Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The GG's visit

Not much sleep last night! practising my curtsey, excitment, JJ's snoring, who knows but it was a long time coming.

So excited to be going to the State Maneaba (traditional meeting house) and not even mascara, how wierd and how naked I felt!! Lucky I had some 'Natural Glow' and some lippy!!

Hear the sirens of the motorcade and the excitement grew, then her excellency accompanied by his excellency the president arrives to the state maneaba.

Mum (JJ's mum) had lunch with Her Excellency Quentin Bryce just over a week ago and she mentioned that we were in Kiribati, well what an intro, we were sought out by her excellency for an introduction!!!!! Didn't I feel special, thanks Mum!!! We got a quick audeience and photo in a very tight schedule. I must say her excellency is like HRH Queen Elizebeth II, an absolute lady in every respect and a women of much integraty and poise. Her dress/ shoes gorgeous and stylish, Her presents commanded attention and respect, I was in awe.

Her Excellency Quentin Bryce, JJ & myself at the State Luncheon

Her Excellency greeting i-Kiribati elders at the Coast Waters memorial in Betio before laying a wreath

Her Excellency laying a wreath at the Coast Watchers memorial in Betio (isn't her outfit awesome?)

Well from the memorial her Excellency drove straight to the airport to depart for Apaia in the Samoa.
we headed home to realieve Meei from her babysitting duties and headed to the pool to cool down, then to our balcony bar for a pre-dinner drink!! Noice, what alovely day. Feeling very special to meet such an amazing lady.

Till next time, Tiabo xx


  1. Awwwwww lovely you looked gorgeous too mwa so glad you enjoyed meeting her ♥

  2. I agree you looked great and you were all color coordinated with the wreaths! Sad thing is she went to my school - MB Ladies College - shame my 'how to be a lady' lessons didn't stick quite so well!!!!! Have been trying to send messages but not sure if any have worked yet! Loving reading your posts - you are having an amazing adventure and coping so well! Very impressed!! Cheers Tracy In Darwin