Thursday, 15 March 2012

Friday Night Bokati & photos

JJ was invited to learn his i-kiribati name last Friday. He hurried us out the door to be there at 5pm, I bought the kids home at 6pm as nobody had turned up yet!! It was to be held at the Police compound Maneaba (a traditional meeting house) Jack and Sam however had a ball playing with the local kids. Sam busy entertaining the older girls and Jack the boys of all ages. It was nice to see them runnig about and having fun with others. However the botaki started around 7pm, I was well home, cooked boys eggs and had them bathed and ready for bed by then!! I never found out JJ's i-kiribati name....note to oneself: any future botaki invites get Meei to babysit so I can stay!!

..............................The boys and the local i-kiribati kids of the police compound..............................

The weekend was a quiet one, a bit of gardening but the weather mostly widy, wild and wet. Looking forward to a rain guage so I can record what we get. Been great for the vegie patch as little need to water as it is getting a good daily soaking

The squash is growing rapidly, so is the corn, zuchinni and tomartoes!!! Very, very exciting!!

My partner in the vegie patch "James" is our gardener and happy to do any job we ask of him!! Here James is cutting back the scraggly bushes around the vegie patch which is right next to our front gate.

Having Meei arrive an hour earlier means I am getting my gym time so I am back into a daily walk on the treadmill and cutting down my grog (after a deliciously wicked weekend of too much wine on my balcony bar!!!)

Meei plaited me a garland of flowers yesterday whilst I was at the gym and she was watching the boys down at the boat, it was amazing to watch it grow under her deft hands and I want to learn.

Sam and Meei plying and weaving in the 'boat' (well it was previous MSA's sail boat but much more suited to childrens play thing! I believe the first time it sailed it flipped and hasn't been sailed since!)

.........................................wearing the garland that Meei made for me!!.................................................

Played tennis yesterday and had a good hit, got ditracted by an i-kiribati man shimmying up a coconute palm out the front gate to retrieve his 'toddy' bottles. They cut into the palm to bleed out the sap (bit like rubber I guess) and the sap is made into toddy which can be quite alcoholic or made into a rich and sweet syrup to have as a dessert. I think this guy was after the first!!!!

Was hoping for tennis this arvo but it is wet and windy, no good for tennis balls with a wet court, might go and make the boys some bikkies for afternoon tea



  1. The plant near the front gate is Vinka they grow here too Here they are called Billy Goat Stinker I have pink and white out at the camp The squash could be pumpkins They are powering along good show What else is up The weather here is disgusting too so maybe no boat this weekend We were going to take Sam and the kids around, then the next 2 weekends get ready for Easter Cath is coming so mowing and hoovering lol Should be a busy week as the Stones Kurt and Cath and Johnno are coming around much fun I think so we are taking a week off yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The boys look like they are having fun Have you started Jack on school yet? Have a great day love you Any suggestions what you would like for your birthday ♥♥♥

  2. the squash is squash, I planted the seeds from a packet mum sent!! Looking good huh?? Also corn and zuchinni up and tomartoes too. Yep doing about 45 mins to an hour school with Jack and he is enjoying it and looks forward to it too!

    Easter sounds fun. Glad you are taking a break too, nothing special happening here.

    Will think about my birthday, goodness I thought with a jolt today that I must think about Sam's birthday too!!


  3. Well never too early what do you think Sam would like

  4. Looking Good Jodie! Island life suits you! xoxo