Sunday, 4 March 2012

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend...spent Friday cooking in preperation for Saturday lunch. t was a nice afternoon and all my food turned out well. Leftovers for today. I got a sleep in this morning (although I suspect JJ needed it more than me!!) However I did enjoy an extra couple of hours after a week of broken nights due to coughs, colds and crying children!! It never rains but pours, after a week of having a cold I spent the night on the loo (Kiribati belly??).

My Vegie patch is growing!!!!!!!!! The squash has popped up and the carrots are starting too. It is all very exciting and I spent an hour planting moe seeds this arvo. It is so exciting when you see results (well greenery at least!!)

Got loads of odd jobs done today, cleaning lights, windows, more more furniture, finished the guest room in readiness for JJ's boss tomorrow.

I finally got round to applying a hair colour on Friday night and it is hideous!! Way too dark, will have to see a good haircutter in Sydney to get it stripped out and I shall have to buy lighter ones, what a mess!! The joys of no haircutter/ colourist on the island!!

I forgot to post these photos of when we went to meet JJ's flight. You can drive on the runway, park at the end and the plane goes right over the top of you!!

This photo shows a lcal on his motorbike clearing the runway of debris & other locals just before the plane lands!!!


The plane landed right over the top of us, Sam clapped he thought it was great!!

enjoy the rest of your day....xx

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  1. Hope you are all feeling better now Sounds like you had a great weekend We went for a quad ride saw the horses one mare was foaling and saw the little one that was born before xmas They all look pretty good Be good if they could be drenched but it would be difficult Need a molasses block with drench in it or something similar I rode the quad the whole way even up the big hill that scared the crap out of me the first couple of times (Greg rode it up for me) so am getting there slowly I like having my own bike don't have to worry about Greg then Have a great day Love you ♥♥