Friday, 28 September 2012

Update On Chooks

OMG, talk about blown out of all proportion!!!!

Meei has followed the leads and talk to so many of the kids on Betio to find the 2 missing chooks. I have offered a reward to whom ever returns them.

Tonight I was sitting out on the kiakia with the boys playing with the girl next door. All the chooks were pottering about and I counted them as I automatically so these days and there were 9!!! Yes I re-counted about 10 times and someone has obviously chucked a chook over the fence!! How cool is that??

The local builder is about to start building the chook-mahal of chicken coops!! This along with the fencing job I have done will keep them from getting out!!! Naughty girls!!!

The veggies have kept on growing, very exciting, the cucumbers and eggplant have their frst flush of male flowers, I'm expecting, with no setbacks (no chook interference!!) fruit within the next month!!

The facility managers visit was awesome, the best part is we are to employ a maintance man, whom will do everything we ask and it will be such a help, the compound will certainly benefit and things will be greatly emproved to our specifications.

Right JJ is ready to watch 'The Tudors' , we recieved the whole series yesterday. We have just finish watching 'The Straits', thanks Tess, we so enjoyed it and can't wait for series two!!!!

Sai bo for now


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  1. I was just out in the street and I saw a chook. I called "Matilda" and she came running. I think it is her. Can I claim the reward?? How will I get her back to you?? xx