Monday, 10 September 2012

Ghost Town

Goodness who’d have thought that with JJ & Darren away it would be so quiet!! But it is, just me, the boys and animals. So it is fantastic news to hear that Darren’s replacement is a chap whom has served with JJ in Patrol Boats in Darwin. I understand he is bringing his wife and two girls who again I understand are closer to 10 in age. I think it is a first for both positions to be filled by families. It will be sad to lose Darren who has been an excellent neighbour and a great help as we set up in Tarawa but that is the nature of the defence force!!!
Well I won't be winning mother of the year with this ripper egg thanks to Jack chasing him and a fat lip due to the misuse of tupperware!!!!

Next door tied their rooster to our fence, right next to the chook coop so the poor girls have gone off the lay and are quite out of sorts. Not to mention the 0430 wake up calls, needless to say after a bit of nagging it has been moved. Now they have removed tin from their pig pen also located on our fence line next to the chook coop just upwind of our house, the smell is foul and I have been forced to close up the house and run the AC. JJ can fight that one when he returns!! The girls continue to fly over the barriers and my beautifully healthy flowering eggplant and tomatoes are now reduced to stalks!!!!
Jack on his scooter from Opa, he roars around the compound's paths like a wirlwind

I took the tennis net down as I have no one to play with and let the boys tear around on their scooters. I pumped up the tires on Jack’s bike, which he hasn’t ridden yet and ran around the court a few times supporting him, then he was off and racing, no training wheels, thanks to years on the balance bike. He is so chuffed and I had a tear as I watched my first baby achieve this important childhood milestone. Sam is so funny to watch on his scooter, he’s got the hang of it but steering is still missing, we’ve had a few prangs but they both have got up and got back on which is good. It is also a damn good way of wearing them both out, they come up so exhausted they are happy to sit in front of the box while I prepare dinner and do the other necessary jobs about the house and compound.
Jack on his bike, woohoo
The internet has been so spasmodic this week. I have only managed to get connected 4 times usually in the early morning. It is so rude for skyping, emailing etc. I am sure everyone thinks I am ignoring them, but rest assured I am trying to call & blog etc. I am even writing my blog on a word doc and transferring it over to the blog when I can get on – frustrating to the max!!!

my naughty chooks enjoying a dust bth near the front door!!

Anyway I’ll post this as soon as I get connected, in the mean time


Tia bo moa


  1. Sam looks gorgeous, even with a bump on his head.His hair is growing and looks like he will have curls like Jack! Hope the new guy is bringing his family. It would be lovely for you to have some female company on the compound. Well done Jack, riding without training wheels. I have bought a bike for you to ride when you come to Melb.

  2. Sam looks so grown up with all that beautiful hair and bumps and bits aaahhhhhhh well that's kids for you Jack is as brown as a berry and gorgeous too Naughty bad chooks you need to clip their wings so they can pop over the fence the bitched I used to get the shottie out and threaten my girls that got them laying. I bet the pig is putrid can you put a barrier up on your side Better get Greg's roast lamb finished His B'day dinner easy to please ♥

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