Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Damn Chooks!!!!!

What gives???? If it is not one thing it is the other, so the chooks have discovered boys, well roosters to be exact!!! So we discovered the chooks slipping under the second gate to go over to visit the rooster!! In the rain, I filled in the gaps with chicken wire and cable ties!! Only to discover they were then getting out in the gaps between the new gates!!

So two chooks got out and disappeared into 'thin air'. Today two girls told Meei that boys had taken them. Meei has gone on this huge 'chook quest' into the police village next door, the boys have been beaten by their police detective father for aiding and abeiting a chook kidnapping and so the Betio CIB are investigating the kidnapping of the i-matang's two chooks!!! No stone will remained unturned as Betio police and Meei investigate the disappearance of my girls!!!!

A third chook wandered off out the new gate yesterday arvo and was returned by our neighbours, squatters who live next door and we moved the new fence line so they could stay, see good karma!!!

The facility manager of the Defence Co-operation Program compounds in the Pacific is here for a visit and a site survey. He must think we are absolutely mad with the carry-on. How ever he has approved 'on the spot' building of a new chook coop and run by a local builder!! It will be big enough to leave the girls in of a day if need be, specially good for when we are away and the issue of letting them out and putting them to bed arrises! Photos to follow, the builder has been told that we wanted it built 'yesterday' so hopefully it will be built within the month!!

James, the facility manager has also approved the kid's play equipment and new large maneaba. Once installed and complete this place will be awesome, so we are taking bookings for the guest room!!!!

Next week the ADA & DA's PA will be here from Monday till Thursday when they will fly out with JJ who is off to Tuvalu for a joint patrol for 2 weeks. Then time will fly to early December and our visit home!! I am so looking forward to being home and catching up, not to mention preparing and eating real salad and vegies!!

With that comment the cucumbers are starting to flower so to is the tomato and the eggplants, everything else is growing like mad - woohoo!!!!

Tia bo for now


Jack and his sandcastle in the 'new section'
Sam and Meei's grandson Seayung (14 months) in their "Cushie Tushie' nappies!!


  1. Hi Jodie! Sounds like life is as exciting as always! Can't believe it's getting close to a year since you have been there! Looking forward to a catch up then - the boys are growing up so much - jack is looking incredibly tall!

  2. Can't imagine what the police would do if there was a real abduction! What drama!! So glad to hear that at last some of your vegetables are growing. I hope those chooks stay out!
    The boys look great. xx